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However from what I’ve read, other users suggest you stand around and wait until the the disco finishes before you leave the room. You’ll see it on the cut scene. You are commenting using your Facebook account. When you reach the end, step on the red button to extend a small ledge, then have R4 float across and step on the red button on the far side. Step on the buttons to make some platforms appear, and shoot the target switch to form a bridge. There should be two blue lights on the floor, and the rest unlit. High jump off the platform to the ledge above for this kit. The idea is to get close enough to set them off, then to back away.

At the dining hall inside the palace, use the Force to stack up a set of tables. After using the Force to move aside the blocks covering it, double up there as Jar Jar to grab the canister. Open the door with a bounty hunter. Destroy the remains of the transport. When it shows green, combine the yellow and blue liquids. If you have opted to use cheat codes then make sure to enable the ‘Mini-Kit Detector’ as it will help indicate where the Mini-Kits are as you go through the chapters.

Once you’ve collected all of the Mini-Kits and Red Bricks in a chapter there’s no need to complete the chapter.

You are commenting using your WordPress. From that extension, double jump as Jar Jar up to the canister. The canister is inside cjapter short corridor.

From the clone army area, follow Taun We down the hallway to the left. Hover over the gap, rappel up a level, ldgo it’s on the left near two Droidekas.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Blue Mini Kit Guide

At the cliffs, where the path bue narrow, use the Force on some pieces to form a platform. Go to fhapter right, and it’s in the room on first alcove. After using the Force to move aside the blocks covering it, double up there as Jar Minikitd to grab the canister. Final Fantasy XV Guide. Rappel up to the higher level, then head back left on the higher catwalk. After defeating Dooku, go up to the circular chamber.


Activate the astromech panel, and then enter the room with a button. In the area with the first target switch, drop down to lowest level, without falling into the pits. Use a character with the Thermal Detonator ability such as Greedo by pressing. Jango will now set bombs in your path.

You’ll come to a hidden island.

In the first room with the circular light panels, go right instead of left, which leads on to Jango. Use the Force on it to form a platform, and then double jump as Jar Jar from it to reach the canister. We’ll be focusing on collecting all of the white Mini-Kits and the games Red Bricks you can skip the red bricks if you opted to use the games cheat codes.

Before the slopes with the rolling boulders, use the Force on episodw plants to reveal a grappling point.

The dtar is in the air above you. Doing so moves a circular platform that will move over to the canister in the distance, toward the left side. Look for the canister after a set of two laser cannons. In the lengthy area with several plant-covered balconies, grapple up to the balcony that has the canister.

In bue final area with the core ship, the last five canisters can be found between the sets of generators and turrets. Of course you’ll already have unlocked the Red Brick achievement if you opted to use the games cheat codes. Use Force to create the small platform, hop up again and continue a little bit further to see it. At the wide canyon where the Tusken Raiders are attacking, stay on the left side to find the canister.

Just head to wpisode right and it’ll be past the second star fighter at the group of three pilots in between the three metal things. Email required Address never made public. They’ll actually have ghost after their name and no characters on any maps can stag them and act like you’re not even there making going by unscathed that much easier. The Complete Saga Warz 5. After the starting point, go to the left side, near the walls, to find the canister.

In this room, step on a light and wait for your partner to step on the other. What do you need help on? This will give you: The canister is on the left side inside the cave, just before the first checkpoint.


Discovery on Kamino – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

This is the bomb that has to be moved with the Force, after it is found behind a discolored portion of the cliff walls. After leaving the control room, turn back toward the beginning of the exterior walkway to find the canister. Shoot the target switch to raise a platform toward it.

Double jump as Jar Jar back up to the high ledges via the first arm. Double jump as Jar Jar up from them to get the canister high up above them. Invasion of Naboo Canister 1: Grapple up to the high platform that has the canister.

Are the white canisters and the blue canisters in the same place? On the exterior walkway, destroy the tanks and step on the two buttons to lower the platform, exposing the canister within the wall.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

It is only approved for chaptdr on these websites: Before going through the door that leads on to the large semicircular chamber, follow the stairs down toward the council room. I hope you enjoy, I hope I did a good job, and good luck locating all the kits!

This will help you reach the Canister above. I am a retail employee and as you all know, December is the worst month for that profession. For an easier time, use the Force on the crates below to form a stack first. If you have opted to use cheat codes then make sure to enable the ‘Mini-Kit Detector’ as it will help indicate where the Mini-Kits are as you go through the chapters.

Retake Theed Palace Canister 1: They play like normal Jedi but are invisible to waes enemies and untouchable. Once they’re all lit, the door behind Taun We will b,ue.