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Check the controls on any controller you use. If you use Unikitty to get inside, you will see Indiana Jones’s hat, gun, and whip on a table. After you acquire a cat, you need to bring it back to Mrs. Pants – Laser In the first area you can walk around, go to the far right and laser the gold lock. Character Studs – Killing enemies now gives you Studs. Kragelize 10 people with the Kragle gun.

Brodo5 started the game Crackdown 3: Bad Cop will be gotten through the story mode, while Good Cop Scribble Face will be available for purchase at the same time you get Bad Cop. This is very easy and quick to grind. You may get this in story mode. Thrown projectiles need to be targeted by holding down X and moving the crosshair where you want to throw it. Hey, we’re back in Bricksburg! Yreon won 2 Achievements in Farm Together for 55 points Yreon won the Half a loaf is better than none achievement in Farm Together for 19 points.

Here are the different usable traits you need to solve puzzles and collect collectibles: Level 1 – Bricksburg Construction -studs. Go to the construction site entrance and destroy the red bin to the right of it.

The LEGO Movie – Videogame Trophy Guide – PS3 Trophies Forum

You’ll get pieces for another beam that Vitruvius can cross. We also have a page for this game on For this one you need to hit 5 pin wheels with a projectile. Gold Page 4 – Laser In the Unikitty segment, find and laser three gold flowers on the walls. TrueTrophies Log in or Register Free. Complete Level 14 – Bricksburg Under Attack. It’s best to just fire randomly and hope you hit something, but they are rather large so ayaayya you can pick them out.

Switch to Wyld and jump up to the left. Right after the last page, climb up the net and go behind the green wall to get this.


The fourth one is in the barn. The Forest on Playstation 4. Gold Page 2 – Flight Fly over the log pile and grab this midair floating page. Suffice to say you’ll be shooting down enemy vehicles, building, jumping, and performing cool acrobatics. With all these pieces, you can now build the rest of the motorcycle.

It’s a rainbow picture on the wall. To the left of the teacup is a pile of rainbow bricks. Hack the computer near the wind vane to blow the bird away. Use Vitruvius to use the secret knock at the top. However, there are red bricks that can be bought and they can also be turned on and off.

When you have built a statue, you will get this page. This one is gotten around Golden Manual 3. Smash the rainbow bricks near the police station and assemble the launcher to get to the roofs, then find a porta-potty with a target on top. This will turn off the laser, and you can access this red brick.

This will lower a lift for everyone.

Go out on it and grapple down the prow. Match each of the three sets using the buttons to turn each panel. Regenerate Hearts – Your hearts regenerate relatively fast. Here you need to get the three instruction pages.

The Lego Movie Videogame on Playstation 4 (PS4)

After all five posters have been torn down this red brick will appear. In this next area, you’ll use another of Vitruvius’ abilities. After opening the wall so all can cross to the right part of the level, drill into the wall behind the dropped down wall to achieve this one. This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed! Scratchen-Post are some pieces that become a grapple point.


Inside are pieces for a Lord Business switch. The game kinda helps you here for the most part. The Red Brick will appear. Skies Unknown for 86 points.

Toss the last server and assemble the final Master Build. Games For Windows Live. Now, only Wyldstyle can “free build”, so use her to put together the laser in the center of the room. The last one’s in the second area on the very far right, behind a silver gate. It’s all very hectic, but it’s also all very one-directional, so I don’t really intend to describe everything going on. Push the object off the push track and assemble its remains into a trampoline so Emmet can hop onto the building, then drill all the cracked parts of the floor to get the second page.

Invincibility – You can’t be hit. Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land 4H. You are commenting using your WordPress. Eel Escape – This is pretty much don’t get eaten and swim straight up. Batarang all the balloons supporting the next cloud, then hop on and smash the green cloud to find the spot for a Master Build, which creates a sail. Have Unikitty smash and assemble the rainbow bricks into a launcher to get up to the next deck, where you’ll find the fourth Page.

It’s not the easiest thing to point out unless you have the detectorbut try to keep in the lower right portion of the screen. Complete an Instruction Build without losing any studs.

Smash the water tower to put out the fire and make pieces for a bridge that the other two can cross.