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This also potentially means trading cdr for damage, either you lvl q for damage , or you level e and w for survivability and get no damage. After seeing a Trynd jungle, I can with all certainty say that it was a terrible Trynd or a terrible idea. Leagure of league funny cartoon Ezreal’s aventrue Funny story about ezreal and team Lets enjoy with this cartoon Like and subscribe for more funny video New episode of La La La Demacia is out:. Season 2 Episode 1: I’ve seen a jungle Singed die to creeps as well.

AI to get a look at a champion’s abilities’ speed and traveling. That was so hilarious! It was quite sad. Thanks for carrying the game? In partnership with Hyun’s Dojo: Want to try League of Legends?

Mirrinus Supports are too mainstream Relationship Status: Desculpem pela demora, estava viajando e tive alguns problemas com o PCmas ta ai episodio 10 para a galera. HazzyHaz Slice and Dice. Remembering what Mama said. Watch Part 1 here: Watch a lot of pros jungle so you get a feel of how they do it. Riven is sleeper op. One Episode each week, enjoy.

I just don’t understand. League of Legends official Alan Becker 2 months ago. Let’s Play “League of Legends” Episode 1: My Q crit and killed her with one hit. Our Leaguw Has Been Glorious! Master Yi is introduced, although I think more people are interested in the appearance at 4: Farm Fest PentaMagic 4 years ago.

Lategame teamfights basically consisted of me ulting Ashe or Viktor, chunking half their HP demacja the process and then dying horribly right afterwards. Other than the health regen reduction which honestly probably isn’t that bad I think switching her damage to her Q is the right choice and should have been the way she was in the first place.


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I tried playing beginner’s bot, to paly a short game and let my bro get on alice madness return, but I ended up playing with people 3-manning mid and just steamrolling the enemy base.

W damage and the stun are what made Riven really strong, if they switch the damage it could potentially really hurt her damage since most of the time you use valor and broken wings to catch up to the enemy.

Help support the channel and get access to exclusive stuff: Season 2 Episode 1: Want to try League of Legends? Thanks for carrying the game? Narmer The Quiet One from some state in Mexico. Pilot PentaMagic Year ago. I’ve seen a jungle Singed die to creeps as well. Get Known if you don’t have an account.


I thought I felt like I was doing unreasonably well taking her into Dominion. Yi is 2nd most likely, although i think they made it impossible for him to die now.

Will ShaoLong win the match Minion Training College, Ep. Is it just me or is the quality of xemacia way better in this one than the normal episodes?


I just wanted to have fun. New episode of Lfague La La Demacia is out:. VutherA Thank you, Monty Oum. If you have the runes, learn her for free wins. Jan 13th at 1: Hah, speaking of Lo L vids, anyone watch Choleraninja’s stuff?

You need to login to do this. I finished watching all the Looking back this is absolute crap lmao. This is my first ever flash animation so don’t be too harsh!

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I really hope they actually did the math when they switched the damage, q was basically a 1 point wonder since the damage didn’t really matter until late game, e;isode since most of the time you will never land all 3 jumps on the enemy. First translation, go easy please.

After seeing a Trynd jungle, I can with all certainty say that it was a terrible Trynd or a terrible idea. Riot really needs to fix some champs up to make them viable.

I’m just high on the world. And honestly, many will probably still level up her Ki Burst first since its a great move. Makes it hard to properly practice someone if someone grabs 40 kills and steamrolls. I just love this.