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In and received “Goncourt” for poetry. But only the tiniest glimpses. Difficile stellare, questo racconto lungo ha il fascino dell’orrido, come avere davanti un piatto di vermi brulicanti. Non so se voglio avere una risposta. So we shall see. Favez, a stableboy with bloodshot eyes, is arrested and placed in psychiatric care. Per quanti non credono al “migliore dei mondi possibili” Ropraz, Ce n’est pas une vie.

But it still doesn’t quite explain the current spike. I don’t know if horror is your cup of tea, but perhaps Chessex is deliberately trying to recreate the horror and revulsion that, say, “Dracula” may have elicited from readers when it first appeared. I have been surprised occasionally by how far in advance some publicists and publishers send out review copies. I think Werner Herzog does something similar through different means in “Nosferatu. So it wasn’t altogether a bad book considering it was probably an attempt at early vampire Gothic works Carmilla isn’t that detailed either if I remember correctly but somehow it’s too swift, too dull and when you start enjoying it it’s suddenly over. I grabbed this as it was returned to the library, hoping it would be about a vampire, as the title indicates.

However, despite some research that showed me the case was more or less real, I could not work out exactly where the join was. Jan 14, TheVampireBookworm rated it it was ok Shelves: I could go along with that, for reasons I suggested in my earlier comments: It’s not a mystery even to the extent that this one appears to be, but a pyschological novel using the vampire story to its own ends.

rppraz There’s the sexuality of vampires, always implicit but steadily more explicit, and there is also the newly acquired sense of empathy with their plight, which is to be a creature that harms out of necessity and without having fully or even ever chosen the role. Les mots sont crus, et ce choix de l’auteur a probablement pour but de choquer le lecteur roppraz de lui montrer l’horreur de l’histoire. I grabbed this as it was returned to the library, hoping it would be about a vampire, as the title indicates.


To each his own.

The Vampire of Ropraz

You might want to have a look at this post. I’m not sure how much was lost in translation, but I guess what was supposed to be a little poetic the sentence structures are a bit different somehow doesn’t work in English.

At any rate, Mary had grown up to be a beautiful young woman, and now she was getting married and leaving home. Two days later her grave is discovered open, the coffin unscrewed.

You get the idea. La hantise du vampire plane sur les villages alentours. This is no life. Ancient, furtive fornications in stables and cowsheds. Of course if you think of that frustration leading to violent hysteria, built on lies, you could apply it to any number of modern tragedies, from Iraq down to Columbine, but I think Chessex is working on a vqmpire canvas.

And so you can read ld as the irony of fate, muffled laugh of History. You might rightly ask: I’m guessing the first, but you never know.

Detectives Beyond Borders: The Vampire of Ropraz

My first thought was that, if I’d seen one of them coming towards me on a dark night, I would instinctively have crossed the tilm and hoped he hadn’t noticed me. And one is found — a suitably damaged stableboy, caught abusing farm animals, who has appropriately reddened, vampirical eyes and even oversized canines. I certainly don’t know enough to guess how current vampire stories differ from their predecessors and how they’re similar. A man, Charles-Augustin Fevez, a drunk with an exaggerated gait due to a dislocated shoulder, is arrested, charged, tried and convicted despite the evidence against him being flimsy to say the least: I don’t even know how typical this book is of his work, I’m just guessing at what the author may have used as a hook.


Jacques Chessex obituary | Books | The Guardian

To view it, click here. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Irgendwie schade, irgendwie aber auch nicht. Born in Payern, Switzerland Chessex is a poet, writer and artist. It is uncertain what happened while they were together, but everything suggested that they had some kind of sexual relationship. Wikipedia has an entry for films featuring the French Foreign Legion.

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Rsc E Books Collections Le Vampire De Ropraz 2253122815 Pdb By Jacques Chessex

A broken body in a muddy battlefield would seem to be the end of it, but no: Revulsion is an excellent word here, and the idea of Chessex deliberately trying to shock us as earlier readers might have been shocked is interesting to me.

Not a traditional horror story, but plenty to make you shiver here all the same. Well, that was just an uneducated guess on my part. But this vampire thing — the publicist’s letter invoked some recent vampires, which got me wondering whether fllm popularity rises during troubled times. The few people on the streets walk with their shoulders hunched into collars and faces obscured by scarves.