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Conrad and Medora return, relishing in the chance to be alone together. Rosati dancing alongside her fellow Italian, Domineco Segarelli, who created the role of Conrad. The summer months are often when English National Ballet tour internationally, sharing our work with audiences in different corners of the world. As she is taken away, Medora is brought in, looking so beautiful that Seid Pasha is prepared to pay any price for her. Over time, Konstantin Sergeyev, artistic director and chief choreographer of the Kirov Ballet from — and —, added various new pieces. The English National Ballet became the first British ballet company to perform Le Corsaire as a complete work, in a production staged by Anna-Marie Holmes, completely re-imagined with original designs and costumes, plus a reworked score and new orchestrations.

About Loosely based on the poem The Corsair by Lord Byron, this classic ballet narrates the story of the passionate pirate Conrad who falls in love with the beautiful Medora. In the Kirov Ballet decided to present a revival of Le Corsaire for its upcoming world tour. Conrad and his men show up to take Medora away again but he is recognized through his disguise, captured, and sentenced to death. Petipa revived the ballet again in and added a pas de deux to music by Richardo Drigo. Lankedem has observed this conflict of opinions and, in exchange for his freedom, he offers Birbanto a potion which will induce a heavy sleep when administered. Conrad, who has secretly made his way into the palace of Seid Pasha, finds Medora.

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Conrad then awakes, and he and Ali vow to save her once again. Gusev called upon the conductor Eugene Kornblit to fashion a new score for his production.

Their noise brings Gulnara, who decides to help them, and shares her ballett Petersburg throughout the mid to late 19th century. More in this category: When Lankedem reappears with Medora, the Pasha is delighted.


She seems to say by her frolicsome dance: The sets and costumes designed by Irina Tibilova for Konstantin Sergeyev’s Moscow production sat unused in the archives of the Bolshoi Theatre for almost five years.

The arrival of Seid Pasha causes commotion in the harem. Provided by Wikipedia – Le Corsaire. Reviews Add review Leave this field empty. The Pasha is awakened by the arrival of Conrad, Birbanto and the pirates disguised as merchants, minstrels and conjurors. Their pilgrims’ robes hide Conrad and Birbanto – both Medora and Gulnare recognise them.

Act I — The Bazaar Lankendem is selling his slave girls in a busy market place.

LE CORSAIRE Adolphe Adam – Synopsis – Sofia Opera and Ballet

The ballet has been much revised throughout its long and complex performance history by way of later stagings in Russia, most notably by Jules PerrotMarius Petipa, andAlexander GorskyAgrippina VaganovaPyotr GusevKonstantin Sergeyev, and Yuri Grigorovich Isaac Lanquedem is meant to be a purely mimed role and Gulnare is not supposed to make her first ocrsaire until the second act. Thisis a swashbuckling, romantic tale of pirates, slaves and oriental intrigue and is typical of the exotic and ambitious ballets created during the Tsarist era.

In the handsome Birbanto avidity prevails over friendliness and companionship. Lankendem, who has witnessed the conflict, strikes a deal with Birbanto and his friends – in exchange for his freedom, he informs them of a potion that, when sprinkled on a flower, can immideiately induce sleep. January 23rd,Paris Opera, Paris synopsis:. Corsairs introduce an order and justice in this oriental world. Conrad then smells the beautiful flowers and falls asleep. He succeds in capturing Medora, but while struggling she cuts ckrsaire masked Birbanto’s arm.

Birbanto devises a devious plan: Their leader Conrad returns freedom to Medora, in order to lose his own heart for her. Scene 2 At the Grotto Returning to the grotto, where the Corsairs are staying Conrad, dreaming of Medora, falls asleep.


Free Newsletter Ballet Home. For this production, twenty-five of Petipa’s original dances were reconstructed from the Stepanov Choreographic Notation of the Sergeyev Collection by Doug Fullington. Conrad’s right-hand-man, who is jealous of Conrad, sends Medora back to the slave dealer who again sells her to Pasha.

The revival premiered on 21 October and was given thirty-eight performances with Grantzow as the heroine Medora. Lankendem then offers Medora a bouquet of flowers to ls to Conrad. Over the course of his long career Petipa presented four revivals of Le Corsaireeach time adding a substantial number of new pasvariations and incidental dances.

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Epilogue Out on the open sea, the corsairs sail away, together with Ballft, Medora and their friends, heading towards new adventures. The Corsairs are the last to leave.

A pirate ship sails across the high seas, captained by our hero Conrad and his faithful pirate crew: Only Medora is sad: Gulnare pleads for Conrad to forgive his friend’s treachery.

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Le Corsaire

Soon Lankendem presents Gulnare, who enchants the Pasha. Swords and daggers twinkle in the air – and Medora together with Gulnare are safely in the hands of their beloved men.

It is a swashbuckling fantasy tale of captive maidens and cutthroats, love and betrayal. Supported by Le Corsaire Appeal Donors. A flower seller has a jolly dance and the summer air is shimmering with the haze of heat and expectations of adventures.

The Main Hall Premiere: The Turkish guard has proved useless, and Seid Pasha is furious. When his mutinous plan fails, Birbanto devises a cunning scheme – to drug into sleep or to kill his friend.