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Instead of being captured they roll into a secret entrance into the bedroom of Jin. He scans the area and finds the observatory. The team decides to divide into teams of two. His father created them and early on showed Ban how to love and care for them. When his two teammates decide to run from the scene Jin realizes the only way to save Yuuya is by doing his LBX. Although there are no hardware restrictions on the type of regional account that can be used, this page lists the release date of games within the North American, European and Japanese regions. As the train is moved from the alternative route to the main route, a mysterious LBX begins to fill the subway with thick, sticky threads similar to a spiderweb. The trap was actually meant for Jin.

Hazami tells them Angrivisdas is an unsanctioned tournament with no regulations. Ban Team, Cyber Knights vs. Lex decides to take all of them to a location the kids will recognize but that will take on a new meaning when they arrive. The group arrives at the route where Prime Minister Zaizen’s parade will take place. Hunter’s long range shot may not have penetrated the armor, but it caused Grand RX to overheat giving them the win by default, Otacross keeps his word and agrees to help them hack into God Gate. The field is an ice field, so it takes some time for Hakai-O Z and Nightmare to adjust to it. Him and Ami agree to battle at Kitajima’s after school, but first they want to check on Kazu and see if he has gotten over his LBX being destroyed.

Outside Kirishima is hired to steal the eternal cycler when it is completed. The good news is short lived as Lex sends Ban the data on the Innovators target. Takuya then reveals he did not get them just to show them the new LBX.

The C-block contestants include Ban, Kazu, and Ami. Otacross eliminates them with ZX-1, and then a brainjacking signal is detected. Humans need to take the time to think what humans should do.


On the way, they get intercepted by Kirito who chooses to let them go no further until they battle him. Season 1, Episode 9 October 19, The kids board the subway on two different cars.

Ran get frustrated not being able to balance the sword and shield and switches to her usual weapons to epislde win 9. Lex traced the explosion back to Yoshimitsu, which is why he took his life, but now he sees the world falling for the same trap from politicians, economists, and developers because of their greed. The President arrives with much media covering her arrival.

One of them hits Grand RX’s chest, but it appears to bounce right off. Ban, Kazu, and Ami practice as often as possible and against as many players as possible leveling up their battle skills as well as fine tuning kf best moves.

The decoder for the Platinum Capsule has been hidden as the prize for the Artemis Tournament, The only way to use its technology is to have both together at the same time.

Ban destroys the trains control panel, causing the train to crash into the tracks glikmer friction e;isode slow it down. Ban decides to use his shield to block one of Buld’s missile launches, and in the process he learns Sword Cyclone.

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Retrieved March 10, Member feedback about Animax Asia: During this time Ran and Yuuya get into a fight, making Yuuya feel like a lousy coach.

The Riding Saucer was created to allows LBX’s to have greater mobility in the air and in places like space. Takuya reveals lgx data his brother got and tells everyone that epiaode father was also killed by the Innovators in a staged car accident.

When Ban and company get depressed because no one seems to know where Otacross is at, Otacross comes onto the overhead screen and provides a clue as to where he can be found.


The next day Kazu thinks of pulling out until Ban gives episdoe speech reminding him how LBX’s should be fun but that they an lose them all if this attack succeeds.

The four members install the vaccine program in their LBX’s, and Jessica and Hiro head into the doctor train to stop the brainjacking. The kids return to the stadium and arrive just in time to watch the D Block Epieode. Ban and Jin will work with the Hacker Corps battling the tank while Ami, Kazu, and Gouda move up to the fourth floor to join Yagami protecting the lab.

Eclipse catches up with Saturn and launches a desperate attack with LBX’s to try and lower fence’s defenses.

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Takuya reveals the data his brother got and tells everyone that his father off also killed by the Innovators in a staged car accident. Shortly before the file is completed the Innovators activate a special mode of Yuuya’s control suit.

Ban is amazed by Masquerade J’s moves, but he thinks Masked J looks familiar. At Glkmmer Star we are introduced to Heiji Kirishima. He also announces that Kirishima is being brought on to create new support weapons for the LBX’s. Otacross says that in order to achieve the new power, they must first test their bodies.

Sawamura glmmer into Tiny Orbit’s main security room and shuts off their alarm system. A third member of the gang comes out and backs them up by one car.

Archived from the original on October 1, Afterwards Kazu, Ami, and Jin all advance with victories. Yuuya Haibara joins the team. Lex comes on the monitor and reveals he is the real mastermind behind Fairy Tail. An escape hatch opens revealing Hazami and Gouda.