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Like 0 Dislike 0. Manoj Chandila is an Indian television actor and model. Pratik asks Amrita how can she send Sanya to boarding school without his permission. Lavanya says scissor slipped and hit her by mistake. Lavanya calls him, but he gets irked and says he does not want to talk to anybody. Vivan says if he thinks Nikhil will keep quiet if he gets money, then he will give that money.

Within a few years, Adita was leading merchandising for one of the largest clothing exporters in Delhi. She prays god to save her son. Meghan asks how did mom get injured. She says no and says kidnapper told that he is punishing for her sins. Wish it could really catch our interest again like Ek hasina thi on starplus. His family consists of his parents and younger brother Kush Jotwani.

She says she may survive. He says Gaurav is more shameless than him and says he is going to get her out of way to be with him now.

Last updated Nov 19, He says he does not want to go to jail and requests her to help him. He tells how Kushan started the game by kidnapping Trisha, then Pratik was murdered by one of relatives and now Amrita also.

Lavanya says Kushan that she thinks Jahnavi is behind all this. She says she can understand how much difficult it is aaao tolerate Amrita, but she is worried about his reputation and wtitten may report about their illegal relationship and his case may weaken.


Laut Aao Trisha 18th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Meghan asks what we can do. They take him to hospital. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. He says let us hope she is alright, we have to wait until she gains consciousness and it may take hours.

Gaurav says she has yrisha take a decision and he can just pray. Lavanya starts cribbing on Kabeer and asks what was he doing when she was shot, he was doubting Pratik and other family members and troubling them and now telling that she is shot.

Lout Aao Trisha

Amrita asks if her Trisha is fine. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Gourav gets tensed after hearing this news but Sonali says it is his opportunity to be an important part of Swaika industry. Member feedback about Rishi Khurana: He says he is glad she is showing concern, but… She says what but, she really wants to apologize and asks not to deny her.


He calls Sanya, but she does not come. Lavanya asks him to relax and says she will go to hospital and find out how Trisha is and will handle everything. Vivan says we should be happy remembering her and says we cannot fill her void but can do something for Amrita, she must be missing Trisha and we should not leave her alone.

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Jagatjeet agrees to let them meet Trisha. Gaurav eoisode he and his department did wrong by xao Trisha into false case for their publicity.


She says even she wants to speak to him and asks why did not he come here. Member feedback about Alefia Kapadia: He says he does not want to pick call. Welcome, Login to your account. He asks Pratik to get ready for interrogations. His family consists of his wife and two children Pallak Lalwani who is also an actor;[1][2] and son Aditya Lalwani is studying,Jiten came to Mumbai in and the same year got a small part in a play directed by Makarand Deshpande called YATRI.

Gaurav comes to police station and meets insepctor Jagatjeet.

Laut Aao Trisha

Member feedback about Gaurav Nanda: She says she will speak to him later. Trisha asks for nobember notebook and a pen and says she is getting bored here so she episide to write.

Amrita asks what kind of revenge. However she was keen on completing her studies. She reminisces last birthday where Trisha shop a lot and gives her a gift, but she scolds her and leaves.

Meghan reminisces blackmailing Aditya to accept her proposal and thinks she is paying for her bad deeds and because of her, Trisha is in jail. Nalini Negi topic Nalini Negi is an Indian television actress and model.