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Garnish with a skewered maraschino cherry and orange slice Please follow me on Instagram: The sweetness from the peach liqueur combined with the tartness from the cranberry juice makes for a refreshing beverage. It offers greater insight for influencers and the deeper consumer of news. By Cocktails India views. When positive people come together for a noble cause, expect a better society. Kabir and Abhay enquire the man.

Follow me on my social media: She accuses Bobby of misleading Trisha. Laut Aao Trisha – 18th August Laut Aao Trisha – 14th November You can catch me on facebook https: Sonali becomes shocked on learning about Nikhil’s secret. Neha hopes police must arrest Pratik for sure. When opinions are shrill and polarized, we hope to create a middle ground and build bridges.

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Lots of videos and lots more in the pipeline. Laut Aao Trisha – 22nd August One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates. Lavanya comes and says it was very bad and asks Gaurav how can he laht a business deal with Mehtas.

Meanwhile, Lavanya installs a spy camera in Pratik’s cabin. Laut Aao Trisha – 14th November Will Kabir be able to identify the caller?

By JSuper kaur views. Gaurav calls her just then and asks her to serve breakfast soon. Later, she goes to attend a party with her friends and cousins, Bobby and Vibhan. Bobby informs Kushaan that Meghan has consumed alcohol. The Synergies” is a Dance Troop based out in Chandigarh.


He becomes assured that Lavanya has learnt about his relationship with Neha. She pokes car kesy in his chest. By Tez News views. Amrita refuses to reconcile with Pratik, and expresses her hatred for fulp. When there is a set thinking, we hope to stand apart and go against the wind.

Kushan pulls Trisha back and says she cannot escape from him.

Kabir suffers from depression on thinking about Trisha’s situation. This hair oil replacement helps prevent hairball due to hair breakage. Will Pratik learn about Lavanya’s deed?

Lavanya manages to free Bobby from Kabir’s custody. Pratik’s friends and family felicitate him for becoming a successful businessman. Lavanya asks Amrita not to interfere in Meghan’s life. Pratik forbids Amrita from meeting Kabir. Urban Platter wild Turmeric Powder https: It definitely makes my hair soft and smooth and tangle free.

Garnish with a skewered maraschino cherry eisode orange slice Please follow me on Instagram: Ep 85 Neha intends to blackmail Amrita and pretends to show her concern for Pratik. By Telugu TechTuts views. We hope to be the same. To know more, keep watching Lauh Aao Trisha Subscribe To Our Channel: By Bollywood Bubble views.


Laut Aao Trisha – 6th November 2014 : Ep 79

The Swaika family performs puja in the house. They seek the help of their family members, and a police officer, Kabir, to find Trisha. It aims to filter and provide news-on-the-run for an impatient new generation.

Sign in Recover your password. Amrita remains dejected on recalling Trisha. By The Synergies views. Amrita succeed in decoding the language mentioned in Trisha’s internet diary.

Ep 57 Amrita becomes sad on recalling Trisha. Amrita requests Pratik not to tell Shanya about Novembet disappearance.

Laut Aao Trisha Episode 96 – 5th December | Daily Soaps Online | Watch Online

Meanwhile, being fed-up with her miserable life, Trisha attempts suicide. By Tez News views. By Telugu TechTuts views. An actress, Shanaya, is accused of murdering a film producer, Sohanlal, and a writer, Jatin. Kabir tries to console Amrita.