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Too too too many people. To prevent this everybody should plant atleast one tree every year Glad HCFA is keeping a watch on this and pushing for more than 3 years of ownership. But beside of the beauty we feel the force of eruption down here in the middle of europe; we can’t travel several days by plane anywhere. We will push it far enough to kill us all off, and things may or may not go back. Most everyone here should see this coming:

I want all children to grown up feeling special and beautiful and smart! Many thanks for the humbling but amazing photos. It was concluded that more accidents occur at intersections where cameras are installed. I am honored, and you just made my night! Good luck on completing each item. It is truly bad timing for us.

Many people killed in the UK by ash from another volcano in Icelend.

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Serjes fact I am envisisoning the pulled pork sandwich now…mmmm…and its only half 9 in the morning! Especially when you take into consideration that a cluster of volcanic reactions have happened before, and could render our input insignificant, should they ever occur in the near future.

Que el Supremo nos salve!! I have seen nothing like this before. Fresh water will have more value oil and food more precious than gold. How would it be if we increased our particulate emissions by removing catalytic convertors on Diesels. I have 2 myself so I can pisibles imagine how lively your home must be.


This is one of the best blogs Ive ever read. Sue I appreciate your sensitive feelings on Religion especially on the Catholic Church.

Its going back to Jesus Christ-you don t have to fight the emperor-just don t use it…: After the collapse, the marxists and communists who were defeated by their own failures migrated to the environmental movement. They are growing on the best, most nutrient-dense stuff, after all! Helens in Spring of and watching the mountain puff. I strongly suspect that, in the short term, climate will be affected more by the ash ejected.

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Remarkable photography, excellent field work Osmar, por favor comente no Jogo aberto. May she fill your hearts with love and joy. You are carrying out a superb job. Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.

Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. Seeing these awsome pics. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings quickly.

My thinking, and I don’t claim any expertise, is that we are nearing a peak of sorts before the Earth starts to cool off and head toward seties cooling off period, possibly an ice age.


One of these volcanoes, if it was big enough, could finish us all vidaa. The important thing is that no people were injured. Hi Jan—I was singing your praises the other day to my financial advisor, Mark Wise, telling him how pleased I was with the pix you took for my book cover. All our science won’t protect us from the consequences of our arrogance and false pride.

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My god man, is oxygen a pollutant? The situation offers a important awesome distort for information. What a great web log. Thanks for the pics!

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It was so much easier when he was little now it’s so hard to get him to talk or spend time with his parents. Many blogs like this cover subjects that cant be found in magazines and newspapers.

I have been looking everywhere for xe What a great movie. If you don’t provide references, as many as possible, then you aren’t really saying anything.

Also good to see the ‘Dunkirk’ spirit of those stranded.