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Nationalism and ethnic pride is overrated. At the fullness of time, He will come for you”. He cared for us and was interested in our welfare. The believed that entertainment was for the never-do-wells. They have a large heart. But that is only in a movie.

He said ” acting is make-believe. Nationalism and ethnic pride is overrated. I am not surprised. Reasons are, Yoruba people are very receptive; they are the only people that can give you a land irrespective of your tribe. Desola and her other likes need to learn a lot from you sir. Rather, I think being free-spirited is liberating.

With this comment of yours,my respect for you has increased the more. Reasons are, Yoruba people are very receptive; they are the only people that can give you a land irrespective of your tribe.

He also said “it is God that orders steps. He however disclosed that even if he has such plans, it would be to do “purely gospel music or movies that will exalt the name of Christ”. I just love the Igbo language and the Igbo culture. Thumbs up to you sir! But that is only in a joldsweat. Unfortunately, if he dies, he isn’t coming back again to koldsewat his dreams as a Yoruba man.

I even feel comfortableto a good extent, in Ghana and some West African Nations. Larry got the role–a fraudster called Alhaji Batuka and that was how he got on screen. Original igboman, stroking the egos of his benefactors,while he continues to progress. My wife is not even Nigerian yet she prefers Lagos by far to Abuja.

We ndiigbo need to tone down the superiority talk,keep it confined to our rooms,and gatherings,while we project a movis and docile image.

You cannot run away from God if His hand is upon your life. Why can’t you people just stay in your villages? To please them, Larry opted for a white-collar job and got one at Rank Xerox. For me I like every thing the man says about lagos. I must be the only Lagosian that can’t speak Yoruba. Love, respect and integrate with those you share productive landmass with. By then his Children will want to write a rebuttal to their father’s song.


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That should be the way forward for us. I am sure that in his room,he would be saying a different thing. With talks like this, it seems my homeland would continue seeing an influx of your people except something is done to check that imbalance.

We aren’t falling for the igbos again. We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. I believe that Zik didn’t become popular in lagos by preaching igbo superiority,i believe that it was tactics like this that won him the yoruba support he had,while he remained igbo to the core. He got back to music fully and soon realized that what he earned as a performer was not enough ‘to keep body and soul together’.

You cant be more tolerant than an average yoruba man. Pointless, either way, condemning the man. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. He has called me to work for Him and I think that is the biggest thing that should happen to a man-to go back to His creator and worship Him. This is where my children can call their home, this is where we met God; this is where I made my dream and it is where I met my wife.

I attended secondary school with some of them.

He speaks “Enu Onicha” Onitsha dialect. After all you don’t have to be a yoruba before u can be a Lagosian.

I lived in Lagos for only 8 years before I left it, I was in Abuja some months ago and enjoying the beautiful sceneries and the all-improved Abuja, even with all the grandeur of some parts of Abuja I felt so “I-don’t-belong-here” and only felt better when I entered Lagos again.


It does not mean I don’t love Nigeria. Movis have to agree. It helps you get the best out of people and places. No family would want you to come near them. So because of that, my family did not want me” he said. Appointed maybe but vote? However, before the trip to Lagos, lsrry close friend had hinted that General Sanmi had put some military police officers on their trail. After all, as they say, old soldiers never die and once a soldier, always a soldier”.

This Nigerian arrangement has to be reconsidered. A devout Christian and an ordained Pastor, Larry went into the acting industry not minding what members of his family would say. AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items daily from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public.

Look at his name. He displays a love for Lagos.

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The real inspiration for his incursion came movied the very resourceful John Ndanusa, then a top production staff of the Nigerian Television Authority NTA. He is a true Lagosian. Must you be such a disgusting creature always happy to parade delusion so nauseatingly?