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Daniel is planning a cricket match against a neighbouring village team, who he is convinced cheated in their last match. Meanwhile, newcomer Fisher Bloom arrives to build the candleford clock on Mr Dowland’s orders, and stirs up mixed feelings in Laura. Series 4 cast members were billed in the order of prominence within each episode. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Adult Laura voice Sandy McDade When Dorcas delivers some books to Mr Delafield they initially rub each other up the wrong way, but this tension soon turns to chemistry.

Also, Laura is thrown off balance when Daniel returns to try to win back her affections — but first he has to get around an angry Robert and Emma. But we feel the time is right to make room for new dramas which we hope will be taken to the nation’s hearts in the same way. Mischief Night is approaching and the folks of Lark Rise and Candleford are excitedly planning tricks to play on their neighbours. Meanwhile, Dorcas has her own heart strings pulled with her new maid, Minnie. Queenie Turrill Ruby Bentall And will Twister survive the wrath of Queenie when she discovers he has sold her pig from under her? But will Caroline settle this time, and allow Alf his freedom? They are thrilled at the prospect of performing it for the squire himself, but with the play fast approaching and no sign of Sir Timothy, Dorcas decides to pay him a visit.

But when Pearl discovers the seamstress is sfason who she says she is, she is forced to choose between their friendship and her deepest prejudices. Robert has been carving a decorative angel on the schoolhouse for which he is not getting paid. But will their kindness be enough to save him, or will he let his vendetta against the bank, and his grief over his dead wife, prevent him rebuilding his fortunes and finding happiness again?


Emma is set to inherit a fortune, enough to move the family to a big house in Candleford. Retrieved parkrise January The death of Miss Ellison’s father unites the communities of Lark Rise and Candleford, but amid the sadness Miss Ellison is confronted by her brother George, whom she blames for her father’s death.

It is Zillah’s birthday and all her friends and locals visit the post office for episde party.

Dorcas is thrown by the surprise arrival of a new Post Office inspector, Mr Rushton, who starts to unearth anomalies in the way Dorcas runs the Post Office. Meanwhile, Caroline is being pursued by a bailiff collecting debts for the brewery. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Daniel plans to write their rags to riches story for his newspaper, but Dorcas is suspicious of his motives, and when the article is published, it sends shockwaves through the community.

New this week” Press release. Written by don minifie By the quiet intervention of Dorcas, a way is found for the hamlet to be included within the limit. But his joy soon evaporates when the vicar falls ill, and the controversial and free-thinking curate Reverend Marley takes charge. A sudden storm reveals a secret romance, but also makes the address on a letter indecipherable.

larkrise to candleford ( ) episode 8 – video dailymotion

Edit Did You Ho In Candleford, the path of true love runs less smoothly for Thomas and Miss Ellison; will they ever set the date for the wedding?

There’s a mystery in town as Mr. But problems arise when Emma asks him to live with them permanently.

larkrise to candleford ( 2008 ) episode 8

Dorcas loses her composure and makes a blunder with terrible consequences for Pearl and Ruby. And will Twister survive the wrath of Queenie when she discovers he has sold her pig from under her?

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Old Edmund Olivia Hallinan Archived from the original on 3 March Twister starts dreaming of everything he could buy if they sold the panel, while Dorcas and Sir Tim set about getting to the bottom of the mystery of who created it. It’s harvest time — the most important time of the year in Lark Rise, when everyone helps to bring in the wheat that will feed them through winter.


It was announced on 22 January that the show would not be returning for a fifth series. Everyone, including Laura, rallies round to defend him. Meanwhile, the grind of making ends meet in Lark Rise proves too much for Robert and Emma Timmins, and Robert’s reluctance to episde grows stronger.

Minnie Mude Claudie Blakley The hot summer brings a surprise visitor to Candleford in the form of Celestia Brice Coulson, who stays at the Golden Lion Hotel and becomes acquainted with Dorcas Lane. Following that announcement, many larkkrise took to setting up and signing online campaigns to see the show recommissioned.

Before long the whole town is abuzz with gossip, and Mrs Macey fears that the damage to her reputation will force her to leave Candleford. But this causes a great deal of turmoil when James is released from hospital to be reunited with his son. For Lark Rise, help comes from an unlikely source.

Mullins discovers her daughter Emily is pregnant, she leaps to the conclusion that Daniel is the father. Reppington takes residence in the Golden Lion but remains firmly isolated from the world, and Dorcas Lane is determined to find out why.

When Daniel announces that his newspaper is launching a poetry competition, it sends the inhabitants of Candleford into a frenzy of creative excitement.