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I want to be alone. Season 1, Episode 4. Tomorrow’s funeral is a chance for all of us to say Breda! It can’t be done. He’d wear his Sunday clothes, but had dirty nails. Saverio Bronta 6 episodes, Florinda Bolkan Learn more More Like This.

Perhaps, by then, the forces in this seed will have awakened and will start pushing towards the surface. Ma un giorno riceve una telefonata proveniente dalla Sicilia da parte di un vicecommissario di polizia, Gianni Breda, che la informa che un detenuto che adesso si trova in ospedale ha chiesto di parlarle urgentemente. As if this air were filthier than ours. Professor Ramonte, it was you who asked for this cross-examination. Daniele Rannisi Vittorio Di Prima: I’ve spent my whole life beside him.

Turi, Nuzzo’s 2nd bodyguard 6 episodes, What are you aiming for?

When will it go off? And I gave in. I signed up Monteverde only a few days ago. Was this whole business his idea? episodde

La piovra 7 – Indagine sulla morte del commissario Cattani

Use the HTML below. This is my big chance. Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Today, at last I’m ridding myself of a burden. Czech Prosecutor Pisznieck 6 episodes, La piovra 8 – Lo scandalo TV Movie Season 4, Episode 3 Tano shows a soft spot at Christmas.


In Episode 3, The Man of the Letters, exposes the hideout of Tani Cariddi in deep Africa – stagoine again, the retired detective and the retired criminal must come to grips with violent action staione Europe.

Biagio Granchio, figlio di Rosario Stephan Danailov: Do you know the witness Saverio Bronta?

La Piovra (1984) s07e06 Episode Script

Trivia The Thule Academy is mentioned in staigone plot as being the center of the new crime ring. Prior to the scandal he was a very influential politician. Gino BartoliniEmanuele Foglietti. I suppose you’re Saverio Bronta. He was a hopeless old man until I gave him an aim in life.

There are so many people who share the responsibility.

He loses her, and his It was Camastra who organised Cattani’s murder on behalf of unnamed individuals. Make sure you’re on episoed so you can let Turi through. Give the inspector that tape of Orione’s.

How reliable can his evidence be? And a self-confessed criminal. I stayed here, waiting. I would have rejected any dubious proposals.

La Piovra () Season 7 Episode Scripts | SS

Turi, Nuzzo’s 2nd bodyguard 6 episodes, Francesco Prando This is what I get for my trouble But since then I haven’t seen him. Sacrifice one life to save one stagone.


Search for ” La piovra 6 – L’ultimo segreto ” on Amazon. Did you hear that? Directed by Damiano Damiani, La piovra 4 What were the details of your blackmail?

As Aragonese’s health continues to deteriorate, some Mafia secrets are brought to light. Ramonte and I have always appreciated what you did for us. A woman investigates the shady dealings between her husband’s bank and the mafia. I have a terrible decision to make. You must learn to think like a boss. As it is, this town can’t have peace of mind.

Tomorrow this place will be packed with people for the funeral of those two. Give me the tape and get out of here. Take no notice of my appearance. Season 7, Episode 1. Because Silvia would die.

Season 4, Episode 4 Tano’s wife Ester gets information beneficial to Cattani’s investigation. As if this air were filthier than ours.