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Though I love Stella, but I agreed with you. What are the challenges you faced in shooting Kudi Klepto? For instance let’s say 1M, then if the marketer makes more than 1M it’s his luck, because the producer already agreed to a round fee. Dis can neva happen in Bollywood oo I think it was just God because this is the issue of 2 different people coming together. He prefers verbal agreements. Stella, the way you talk at times is just annoying. The stories will just come and then I write them.

Just like this lady’s story. So, after a while, I produced my first content in and that was how it all started. You may never know a Yoruba person can help you with a job and take away ur poverty. May be it looks too real to people but I created it. See How To Advertise. I thought as much too Stella, why would she continue despite his cunny according to her , maybe because he’s popular and she thinks it’s better with him But some people sef.. Her own sin is, she won’t fuck him! Dear ‘Actor’ In Stella’s voice You are yet to tell the whole world the truth of what really transpired between you and Olasco films.

Not our fault you married a pauper. Chidinma Grace 30 September at If I am working as a journalist I know the kind of news I yrouba to carry. How did you meet your husband? I was doing the acting alongside the education before I went into it fully.

Being a Journalist has actually helped me to keep my profile as an actress. In addition ,report the case to the police and charge him to court for issuing a stale cheque. Kia, its a shame. He has marketed my movies for about six years now and i have nothing to show for it financially. I serve mocie living God Mr Akeem and the God i serve will never allow darkness overcome light. I do not even have a car kurykuru my own.

Lilian Fc Barcelona 30 September at Your sweat will ask him and his children. Keep disgracing them like this. However, we will need you to mobilize us with sum of 1.


In Nigeria, I have come to realize every random lady is a Nollywood actress. I want to beg Nigerians all over the world to please help me tell Akeem Olatunji Balogun Olasco films to leave my life alone.

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I know a lot about these marketers and their ways. Just like this lady’s story. Madam, be rest assured that investigation will commence forthwith and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that justice is done and seen to be done. You have no evidence against him and as for the bounced cheque, he can decide to claim that he was dating you and gave you the cheque but it bounced and he gave u another one.

I watched Kurukuru online and it was a hit. Babay girl pls wise up jooor, and make sure U r dealing with the rite marketer now.

He sent me an embarrassing sum kuurkuru N, which he believes should serve as my payment for Emere, Irawo meji and Kurukuru part1,2 and 3. I was eventually able to speak with his assistant who sympathised with me and then told me that little or nothing could be done about the matter. What exactly did i do to you? Who brought you in? Wumipwesh 30 September at To get a job they want to sleep with you, to get promotion they kurukkru to sleep with you, to get a political appointment they want to bully you.

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Now madam Yewande who in God’s green kurjkuru goes into a business with verbal agreement. My beautiful fans and fellow Nigerians all over the world, pls help me tell this man to leave me alone oooooooooo if he does not want the wrath of God to decend on his entire household. Like Marketers in ur 51 Iweka road too don’t have issues, youba every business dealings issues must arise, that is why people are advised to sign contracts that states terms and conditions.

Madam stella and fellow bvs, u do no want to know how dey run things in yoruba movie industry. Didnt even know she produced it. The man kurukuri a certified animal.


Yewande Adekoya

The man is a juju man and this type of men always boast of using juju to deal with anyone. When he owes you, kyrukuru dare not ask for your money, if you do, he will start war just like the one he has just started.

Oga pay her nau. Stop doing your business on a personal level. I am a happily married movie producer, screenwriter and actress. You will cry blood when the time comes and no one will ever hear your cry.

Everything is politics in Nigeria, babe take heart Ehn U try o. And one more thingstop acting in just anyhow movie like ota ile.

Na their jovie abeg OK bye. I know this because i had earlier reported him to several marketers who have rapor with him, still no result.

Yes,omo elemosho was a serious hit,n it has a beautiful story line too. Chidinma Gift 30 September at Stella, the way you talk at times is just annoying. Maybe it’s because i refused to date you even after all these years, yorubw is why you are strongly determined to destroy me.

He doesn’t sign contract and you know he’s dubious, yet you went into business with him. In fact I nearly sent you something like this call out last month if not that the family refused especially this their current boss that is even threatening her life. I watch yoruba films a lot and i’ve noticed that the lead actor or actress is usually the producer.

I guess she was giving him benefit of the doubt before it dawned on her. All you think about is tribalism every tine.