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And at the end there may be some fangirls who just might explode with anger at sebby but then feel bad for sebby. The initial impressions may be deceiving sometimes. Naruto Next Generations —present Kochoki: Return of Kings Fafner in the Azure: That IS Sebas-chan right? Nah, I think the 3 twins in the trailer that wears the same outfits? Sans the makeup and fashion. Sebastian and ceil are in there.

It had the character design of the new main leads for S2. This is coming from someone who sleeps with a Ciel and Sebastian pillow on her bed, bought the Kuroshitsuji pocket watch even though that was her last bit of money, and cries every time she watches the last episode of season 1. I continued watching and the first episode and then the man flashes the signature Sebastian smile and says Im simply one hell of a butler and I knew it was true. No Ciel or Sebby. Arad Senki Season 2 Claude could be the name Alois chose for him, and he changed his appearance a bit. Vampire Knight is a story about how Vampires Survive without drinking blood. I hope this helped.

I feel that this new season should not be viewed as an extension of the first season; rather, it should be given a chance to make its mark as its own story. Yes You can watch this in p HD quality for free here: From what can be inferred from the second half of the first episode and the preview of episode two after ending songCiel and Sebastian are still main characters.


I think those main characters are not too Bad Alois is pretty cute and Claude is ok.

Was this review helpful to you? Ranked Popularity 67 MembersThe anime was written by another person. Vampire Knight is a story about how Vampires Survive without drinking blood.

Does anyone know where I can watch Kuroshitsuji season 2 episode 4?

I personally like the other two characters. Book of Murder Black Butler: Yup, there seem anime4 be an emphasis on the rivalry between the two factions. The dude butler resembles a cross between William and Sebastian.

It actually looks pretty god! Retrieved June 27, Is this accually positivily for real?

Wow, a new season. Oh wow, this is awesome!

Not to hate on alois or claude, both who in general i like,but not together in an anime,and for sure not in this anime. After watching the first episode, I think Claude Faustus is rather passive. Who knows, this new butler could be related or has been friends with Sebastian and will be just as good.

What a cruel kid, but i still feel bad about his past i think that old man in the bed had sex with him Claude is…. Other times, they’re the kind of butler we can only dream about.

Black Butler II

I think the series ended appropriately; even though I was a bit shocked that he actually did end up giving him his soul. Sakurai might be fine. This must be her first boy voicing chara. What Makes an Antihero Work. Its not even called kuroshitsuji anymore. And an obsessed one too. I truly love Ciel and Sebastian, really, I do. List of Black Butler episodes. Edit Cast Series cast summary: The series has been licensed by Yen Press in North America and published in Yen Press ‘ August issue for the magazine’s kuroshistuji anniversary.


Claude Faustus 10 episodes, This next season might piss me off. Grell might make a comeback.

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It sounds like you mean that the new butler is actually Sebastian, just in a different shape because he has a new master. If you must, think of it as a totally different anime. NO ONE can replace him. He should be tough, and Claude shows zero affection! Written by Jessie Critchley.

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Add to My List. Alois definitely seems to have a completely different personality than Ciel though no less tragic. I mean he was seriously psychopathic and the butler was infinitely lamer than Sebastian because he dances WTF. The Animation Valvrave the Liberator Danganronpa: Decode Black Butler — Kannagi: