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Janki finds Prithvi with the trunk but finding her bewildered he places it back again. Janki attempts to stop the wedding but Sarla and Dadi try to calm her hinting to relax. As per the plan, Kritika turns off the lights. Srishti teases Preeta about Karan and that makes her question herself. Seeing this, Rakhi loses her control and confronts Karan on the stage. Prithvi and Sherlyn visit Monisha while she gives them a stiff look. Will Monisha marry Karan? Monisha suggests Karan keep away from Preeta.

A suspicious Monisha questions the Luthras about her torn dress. Will Monisha marry Karan? Monisha realizes it and warns Kareena in a disrespectful manner. Sherlyn worries about Prithvi’s changed behaviour. Meantime, in the course of stopping Rakhi, Monisha misbehaves, leaving all shocked. Monisha gets infuriated and throws Sherlyn out of the house.

When Monisha insults Preeta and Srishti, Karan gets furious. Monisha is completely puzzled. Monisha and her cousins misbehave with Srishti and they have a spat over it.

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The Luthras keep ideating on the plan to help Karan. Preeta attempts confronting Karan and during the conversation he reveals his pain and pressure.

Preeta questions Prithvi for being alone with Monisha, but he craftily manages to navigate her questions. Kundali Bhagya – Episodes However, she ends up getting irritated due to his selfish behaviour.

Monisha threatens Karan to wed her, but he denies with displeasure.

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Srishti, Preeta and the Luthras makeup a story to convince Karan for backing out from the wedding. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Billa finds Rishabh and attempts talking to him, but Prithvi nabs him.


Rishabh tries convincing Karan to stop the wedding but all goes kumkmu vain. Seeing Karan and Preeta find the phone, Prithvi and Sherlyn leave the spot and keep panicking.

Rishabh overhears this and doubts Prithvi.

They share a blanket due to the cold breeze, but this makes Kareena go fuming on Srishti. The young group of Luthras then makes her understand how they meet Sophia and plan this whole plot. The Luthras and the Aroras discuss how Srishti could convince Sameer for the mimicry. He comes out and finds Mahesh, Dadi and Girish, a servant, talking about something. Meanwhile, Monisha’s mother and cousins look for her.

Prithvi rejoices at Karan wedding Monisha and getting far from Preeta. On her way, Preeta hears strange sounds coming from Karan’s room. A suspicious Monisha questions the Luthras about her torn dress.

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Finding him fast asleep, she wakes him up. Janki stops Prithvi and asks him about dragging the trunk, which makes him look pale. Prithvi and Sherlyn keep discussing different ways to episodf themselves after their identity gets revealed to the Luthras. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Kareena revealed to her about the Luthras planning against Monisha.

Janki overhears this and tries talking to Karan about it.


Prithvi not being a cop drives them to pull his backstory and they elisode a new update. When Dadi walks into the same room, Prithvi hides in the cupboard. Click here to login. Prithvi gets scared about Monisha’s turning down on him.

The plan needs Sameer to mimic Ritwik, but he leaves as he feels the performance pressure.

She also informs her about Sherlyn’s boyfriend. Srishti motivates a tea vendor’s son using Modiji’s learnings and announces about ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’.

Mahesh thanks Karan for getting Billa’s phone as a strong proof. After her claims, Sophia goes hard bhatya Monisha and Rakhi tries to defend Karan. Karan is super tensed – Kundali Bhagya Highlights Clip 03m 09s. Rakhi makes a press announcement of disowning Karan and disapproval of his marriage.

They hug like their last and start walking in opposite directions thinking about the future. Sameer sees this and takes Srishti away.

Next morning the technical expert suggests that the phone has no memory card resulting in no data extraction. The cop meets Prithvi again and mentions of being familiar with his face, but Prithvi refrains with excuses.