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Fawkes could have used his contacts with Spain to acquire it. Did he knowingly take it? It was said that the men had tried to dig a tunnel first, but then they had rented the cellar and put the gunpowder there. How did the conspirators get hold of 36 barrels of gunpowder without drawing attention to themselves? This would have attracted less attention though it did increase the chance of being caught as more journeys were being made. The man who owned the cellar died suddenly on 5 November

Some historians suggest Tresham was a government spy. Or did someone want to silence him before he talked? Only in , after a century of conflict and alarms, did Parliament pass the Act of Succession , which insisted that the monarch always had to be a Protestant Did he knowingly take it? There are some who support the government conspiracy line — others think it may simply have been an ambitious plan by a small number of Catholics that went very badly wrong for them all. What better way to get James to severely persecute the Catholics in England than to get him to believe that they had tried to kill him in this very violent manner? If you love your life do not go to Parliament One of them, a man called Tresham, was Monteagle’s cousin.

The government had a gunpowderr on gunpowder in this country and it was stored in places like the Tower of London. Who saw and mocked Fawkes’s plot? The soldier who shot Percy and Catesby was in a firefight in which he may have been shot and killed himself.

What better way to get James to severely rhe the Catholics in England than to get him to believe that they had tried to kill him in this very violent manner?

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605

This Parliament shall get a great blow, but will not see who hurt them. After two days, he confessed — Catholics had been trying to blow up the Parliament. Thirty six barrels would have been a sizeable quantity rhe move without causing suspicion.


Only the government could sell gunpowder — no Catholic could buy gunpowder. He wanted to remove Catholicism from England as he saw it as a threat. Why was the soldier who killed Catesby and Percy at Holbeech House in the Midlands, given such a large pension for life 10p a day for life when their arrest and torture was more desirable so that the names of any other conspirators might be found out? On 26 Octobera lord called Monteagle got an odd letter telling him to stay away from Parliament see Source 1.

The man who owned the cellar died suddenly on 5 November Fawkes was an ordinary soldier – a nobody. Most modern historians believe that the Plotters were plof by the government: Others were captured, sent to the Tower and, after a brief trial, eventually hung, drawn and quartered, with Fawkes, in January Did they get help from the government? Tresham died in prison.

The Gunpowder Plot

Some historians have pointed out these issues and claimed that the plotters were pawns in the hands of Robert Cecil and that he orchestrated the whole affair in his bid to get James to ban Catholics altogether.

That James only expelled priests was not good enough for Cecil. Also, if Fawkes and company tunpowder been set-up by, why did he not say so gunpowdder his execution when he could have said something? The East Sussex county town of Lewes still has the pope alongside Guy Fawkes when it comes to the hte being burned. If someone else had access to him, and fed him poisoned food or whatever, he would have been a very important person as only the most important would have had access to this valuable prisoner.


In modern English the letter stated that Parliament would receive a terrible blow on that day and that those killed would not see who had done it to them. A second search the next day, ordered by James I, also found the explosives and Thf who was found to be in possession of matches. The order came from James. He said he was only sorry he had failed.

The Gunpowder Plot – KS3 History – BBC Bitesize

Gunpowder may have been a government monopoly but just as today, there was a black market for it. Why were men who were known to be Catholics allowed to rent out a house so near to the Houses of Parliament? When they went to get the other plotters, the king’s men killed both the leaders. Catholics in England had expected James to be more tolerant of them. Why risk your own life against such desperate people?

Thomas Percy had contacts in Parliament and these were almost certainly used to get the house there and later the cellar where the gunpowder was actually put.

Meanwhile, the words ‘Video Rideo’ and Latin and mean: How was the gunpowder moved across London from the Tower of London to Westminster at least two miles distant ks anyone seeing it?

Did he knowingly take it?