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Last year we took care of more than kids and we expect to at least match that this year. The deepening losses reflected ever higher spending on original content production. You can check out the podcast here. We had not talked in years, but this hurts plenty. Recently, we did just that. At 3 was the presidential race poll numbers followed by the aftermath of the first presidential debate at 4.

LOS ANGELES — Several enterprising Los Angeles radio station employees in the mids ingeniously laid the foundation for what would become one of the most renowned, esteemed radio syndication companies this medium has witnessed. You can check out the podcast here. Not only will the winners get national exposure for their talent, they will be able to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them at the National Student Electronic Media Convention. That’s why we’ve made a concerted effort to make the National Radio Hall Of Fame more impactful in the years to come. Herskovitz cites examples from his hometown market in which he hears long-outdated spots on the air as well as old, pre-recorded weather forecasts still on the air and almost no community profile for stations that purport to serve the local market. It is an important job and it has been a privilege to do it. Is there a check list?

Music Radio News and Career Moves. Memorial donations may be made to City of Hope Cancer Center.

Former Huffington Post Exec And Kraig Kitchin Join Glenn Beck Website

Kitchin to Consult The Mix Group. I have a good example. Yet the radio industry has no legitimate audience measurement ability for the percentage of listeners who follow their suggestions. We are in the process of fully integrating the CV business into SiriusXM, and its radik results are embedded in our guidance today.

For two decades, Kraig Kitchin headed prmeiere the country’s biggest and most successful radio network, Premiere. Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen the invention of Pandora, iTunesRadio and Spotify.


It should be done on a cash basis, as opposed to a cash and barter basis, because it is very hard to find a barter economy amongst three or four radio stations that can actually support that dynamic.

After serving the radio industry for 20 fantastic years at Premiere, I felt the time was right for new leadership to take the company in a new direction to continue its greatness, while I chose to focus on fewer personalities to make sure their careers are maximized in terms of relating to their audience, station affiliation and their radioo relationship.

The seven inductees this year included: The program is hosted by Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm. I thank everyone currently and formerly associated with Premiere, and know that we’ll continue to premere America’s number one radio network with that group of people. My next experience will be much more narrowly focused and I look forward to announcing that once a transition in my position starts to take shape and place.

What a gutless bitch.

And not just see their names on plaques, but hear their bodies of work. May not be copied or duplicated without express written permission. Kitchin works with radio personalities in both talk and music genres.

Kitchin exiting Premiere Radio Networks | Radio & Television Business Report

There is no place for what was said. I think Talk voices are really diverse, when you include shows that deal with sports, government, and finance. One of the most important and traditional subgenres of talk radio has been the financial show hosted by the financial expert and advisor. He was my model as a businessman — such a great combination of creative and manager. They get my attention by presenting that they have a good ratings track record in the market they are in, regardless of the market size.

Premiere ups Kitchin

Schuman is pictured here receiving a plaque commemorating his induction into the WYCD Hall of Fame upon his retirement from the station. The station was purchased earlier premirre summer by Genesee Media Corporation and has been serving the area south of Rochester with a religious format. I cannot wait to share what is coming next. There will be morning personalities whose responsibility it will be to entertain audiences in multiple cities.


Stations to be transferred upon FCC approval include: There is obviously a fear out there.

Kraig Kitchin Steps Down as CEO Of The Blaze. | Story |

They could have four or five other networks willing to take a second bet, maybe four or five. Daunic stayed oitchin Cumulus briefly but the two sides could not agree on a contract. In this case, that is a good thing as The Winning Run is the name of the full-service consultancy that Len Klatt is opening.

All 80, people were hanging on to his every word, his daughter was on the sidelines with a lot of pride watching her father talk to the audience. Tom was my first producer at MannGroup Radio.

First kjtchin all, follow-up. Right now, my focus is on our Premiere team and this year. It is a very exciting time in professional golf with so many terrific stories this year.

Auction an Alternative to Unsold Inventory. I’ve been blessed with 20 years of continual successes, incredible trust from very talented people, an ability to formidably improve our industry with both ratings and advertiser successes and the opportunity to make a mark on an industry I love.

Kitchin is co-president of SoundMind LLCwhich manages the businesses of high-profile broadcast personalities and companies.