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The 8×32 SV binocular boasts a big foot field of view at yards distance, while the 10×32 has a more pedestrian foot field. Call Toll-Free This innovative measure helps to act as a buffer, providing an extra layer of protection for the fragile internal lenses. This makes them ideally suited to bird watching or sailing, both pursuits where low temperature and wet climates are often prevalent. Price Guarantee Optics4Birding will meet or beat any advertised price on the same item. The flip up lid is held close with a strip of Velcro. This is very impressive and I would say that in this area, these better than most in this class and as good as many far more expensive than these. When Kowa first announced that they would be introducing a more affordable line of binoculars manufactured in China into their range, I did wonder that by doing so they may be cheapening their brand that has a very high reputation, especially amongst serious birdwatchers.

The case is spacious and simple: We strongly advise using a specialist cleaning kit that can be readily purchased Amazon which includes a soft brush, air blower, micro fibre cleaning cloth and some form of cleaning fluid. Both models close focus to about 6 feet without significant collapse of the visual field. Finally, a high quality rainguard and a pair of objective lens covers which ensure that all lens surfaces are protected when not in use. The case also has a belt attachment loop in the rear. Although there is a marking on the barrel and quite a few on the diopter ring and so if you remember your mark, it would be simple to return it to your desired setting.

We again recommend that accessories are kept clean and where possible, not subjected to extreme temperature change or severe wet weather. The protection does not end with the really solid feeling shell, as they have been covered with a hard rubber armoring which will protect them from scratches as well as small bumps and knocks.

The robust design and climate protection features ensure that the binoculars perform well in wet and rugged conditions. So would not recommend these to anyone who wants to use them for observing objects at close range – butterflies binoculags example.

Non-eyeglass wearers will just use the eyecups in the fully extended position. The Prisms and their coatings It is good to see that Kowa have used BaK-4 glass on the roof prisms as opposed to the inferior BK-7 prisms found on cheaper optics, this superior optical glass helps to produce clearer images.

A premium quality neck strap is constructed of durable neoprene and a rubber underlining which combined with its broad width, ensure that the binoculars sit comfortably around the neck during use or transport.

Kowa has substantially increased the size of the large, centrally-positioned focus wheel, and used an inner grip design to ensure that the wheel responds well to fine-tuned movements. These are practical binoculars with surprisingly good optical binoculqrs and we feel comfortable recommending them to anyone.

I also really like the fact that the objective lenses are set quite deeply within the body about 6mm – which will help protect them when the lens caps are removed. Kowa Repelling KR technology. As mentioned earlier, very light binoculars are sometimes so light because they are made of cheap materials, but these feel very solid and robust and whilst I did not test them to destruction I have to return them!


Leica Duovid Binoculars Leica’s dual magnification binoculars Meopta 6. Like most 10×42 binoculars, these SV’s are ideal wildlife observation optics, and whilst their field of view is narrower than the 8×42 version, they still make pretty good birding binocularsespecially if most of your birding is done in wide open areas or over longer distances like at a lake or by the sea.

There are no extra pockets on the outside or inside which can be useful for carrying things like lens cleaning cloths, some money, keys or other small personal items. This makes them ideally suited to bird watching or sailing, both pursuits where low temperature and wet climates are often prevalent.

Thanks to the size of the 42mm objectives, the binoculars would also operate well in low light conditions, making them perfect for viewing subjects at dusk. Image Brightness Testing was carried out on clear and bright morning and in terms of image brightness, I could notice as small improvement between these and my benchmark binoculars and so because of this I rate them well above average in this department.

Best Binoculars Rating for Optical Stats: So I asked them if they would be interested in sending me a few pairs to review and below are my thoughts on the Kowa SV 10×42 Binoculars:. The mm Kowa SVs are a bit short on eye-relief at The flip up lid is held close with a strip of Velcro. The focussing wheel was easy to reach and turn without having to adjust from the standard grip when holding them up to your eyes.

The focusing mechanism is geared so that it takes about 1 and a quarter turns of the wheel to go from infinity to it’s minimum focusing distance of 4m For comparison take a look at these other similar sized optics: Best Binoculars Rating for Image Quality: These coatings counter this by keeping the light in the correct color phases and therefore produce images that have better contrast, a higher resolution and improved color reproduction.

However, in all cases we recommend that care is taken when cleaning any Kowa optical device.

The binoculars therefore produce clear, vivid and crisp images, creating natural and representative viewing subjects. Because the armor is so hard, it is not as tactile as some binoculars out there, but will still improve the grip compared to a un-rubberized binocular.

Dccf Papilio Binoculars Ultra close-focusing butterflying binoculars. An air blower can be used to get grit and dirt out of any hard to reach moving parts on the body, 100×42 example the dioptre or focusing wheel.

kiwa It is a little different, but is rather like the thumb indents that you find on many other binoculars. These coatings are only usually found on higher end roof prism binoculars. The strap is a hybrid of padded foam ligated to a narrow cordura strap. Then, when I first saw them at the British Birdwatching Fair my worries were eased a little as whilst they may be lower spec than their top of the range Kowa Genesis Binocularsthey still looked to be a reasonably high quality xcf of optics and obviously aimed at people who still want a good pair of binoculars, but can’t justify or who can’t afford to spend the amount needed for their flag ship models like the superb Kowa Genesis It does not come with it’s own strap, so to carry it on your shoulder, you feed jowa binocular’s neck strap out the sides of the lid when they are in the case.


Kowa SV 32-mm Binoculars

The standout features of these Kowa 10×42 SV binoculars for me is just how lightweight they are and the bright and high esries image that they produce, thanks to the high quality glass elements and coatings that are used in their construction.

Do not take them into the field as you sf lose them. Zv durable case with belt loop is designed to serids the binocular when not in use. This is something that is often overlooked by manufacturers meaning that the eyepiece covers wont fit, unless you store your binoculars fully open, which can be a real pain as you have to adjust them every time you use and replace your binoculars.

Please contact us for repair information. Finally, a centrally positioned tripod socket allows the binoculars with use of an L-mount adapter to be attached to a tripod.

They have also had all the air in them replaced with dry nitrogen gas that prevents the internal optics from fogging when you get rapid temperature changes. The SV Series represents the perfect balance binocularx optimal performance and lightweight construction, with one of its most striking attributes being aesthetic beauty.

If you happen to wear thick eyeglasses, you might experience a little trouble but for most people, this will be adequate. But no matter how much light your binoculars gather, it is no good if that light is not passed onto your eyes transmittance and so it is important 1042 remember that not all 10×42 binoculars are created equal and the image brightness and the performance of a pair of optics in poor light also depends hugely on the quality of the glass and optical coatings and not just the exit pupil and twilight factor formula.

The Body Unlike the current trend of open-hinge designed binoculars, Kowa have stuck with a more traditional design on these, except for the rather long barrels.

Unlike the current trend of open-hinge designed binoculars, Kowa have stuck with a more traditional design on these, except for the rather long barrels. All 10×42 binoculars, including these SV’s have an Exit Pupil kowwa 4.

For example something like the Minox 10×42 BV’s have a field of view of ft at yards 6. These coatings ensure that light transmission, binoculwrs definition, brightness and contrast are always performing at a maximum.

Kowa SV 10×42 Binoculars Review

Best Binocular Rating for Body Stats: Fully protected against the elements As well as making the binoculars robust, Kowa have also designed their SV Series to be fully optimised for use in any climate. The Roof prisms have also been treated with phase coatings in order to increase their reflectivity. When storing Kowa optical equipment for long periods of time, please ensure that there is no residual moisture left on the body nor the storage area is wet or damp as water can promote mold growth.