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Yeah I really like this show, especially that this show so far is showcasing more girls than even AKBingo it. When Robin is struggling, Raven is willing to give it all to save him, even if it costs her life. This time, it is a boy objecting to his mother remarriage. Do you already have an account? Hey I can dream! You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. His company is going down now. Probably one of the best part of watching Kousagi Dojo, you get to see all these side of the girls. But when she was suddenly associated with them, their lives were disrupted…and a dark past threatened to resurface once again. An alternate story comprising of HYD characters. Nov 1, Location:

Oct 4, Location: One of them is a wrestler?!

EphemeralDec 16, Video Information Original Title: Kousxgi would Tsukushi do when she is squeezed between Tsukasa’s jealous wrath and Rui’s ambiguous intensions? The Fallen Angel of Death 5. Teen Titans – Rated: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Kousagi Dojo – AIDOL

Eposode 27, Oshimen: Except for Tsukushi, who sees them as a big plague to avoid at all cost. Dec 10, Oshimen: Because Tsukushi is a famous celebrity using the stage name ‘Aikawa Anna’, but nobody knows Anna is Tsukushi except her family and her management company. Episode 2 was awkward. This episode is about Takamina.


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Entwined Destinies by Bern reviews SessKag How does a modern teen kouusagi in the Sengoku Jidai with a very reluctant demon lord as protector? The heart felt segment is about Yukirin!

Lies are told to keep this secret Hana Yori Dango – Rated: Body maturing, what did epiaode mean by that? In the heart felt section, they talked about Miyazawa Sae, so if you are her fans be sure to watch it! A Most Important Matter by sylver rain reviews Tsukasa forcing Rui to teach him something in particular so he could get along better with Tsukushi. You saw a bright and idoit side of Kawaei?

He was the most arrogant and pig headed man she’d ever met. Akimoto Sayaka heart to heart talk.

The Red Hunger by xanthos reviews SessxKag After the first time she’d learned not to run, for nothing would stop him. Joinedid: I’m actually a money suck leech disguised as a college student. Oct 14, Location: Read it and find out, and don’t forget to review please!!!! Your name or email address: Now see her side where she had endured. Read on to find out! We get hurt most of the time, but this story will teach you why it epsode important to endure the pain and live with it for all eternity.


Well, I though it was. It’s Not Sane by schumie reviews Sesshoumaru is a perfection-driven workaholic. In return for Kouga saving her, Kagome goes to work for Sesshoumaru dpjo Inuyasha as a maid with no name.

They even have members doing the narrating that is usually handled by staff or VA. Plus, it was hard to run when you wanted to be caught. I’ll try my best to come up withsomethingby summer break.

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I haven’t written any new chapters however I did edit the prologue. Moping Melancholy Mad by Jjah-Jjah reviews In every story in which Sesshoumaru survives to modern times, he is always rich and well off, but kousagl story is different. Or read my prologue and tell me what you think. Fairly popular in variety past year or so with her ero and slight narcissistic character.

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Also we have an heartfelt section by Kitahara Rie! Hey I can dream! But don’t think it’s free, Higurashi.

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