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Sheesh mister — we get it. Cast – Haeundae Lovers. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Too many good dramas are in the wings. Biscuit August 12, at 7: And the old lady seems to have been part of the household help for the hotel owner. The fact that he is told as a good prosecutor, but he doesn’t think to have an accomplice to watch his back while doing undercover, it doesn’t make any sense. Off he goes in search of Sora, and he ends up in a baseball field in town.

Of all people, bumps into Joo Hee. Also, I like that he’s not in some kind of hateful relationship with his wife where she’s a cold hag who’s easy to hate. He hilariously responds with lame fake static noises and hangs up. Sora helps an elderly woman to her destination, Haeundae Hotel. I don’t mind the marriage thing all that much either. Thanks a lot kaedejun!

He quickly jumps into the passenger seat, making the excuse that he wants to go to the hotel and try to apply for a job at the night club there. There a fine line when a man already has a girl that appears supportive and nice!

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I am finding that I need to watch several episodes of a serires before I pass judgement on it. Posted July 1, She gives him her blessing, and he promises to return in four days. He’s such a jerk, I kind of want to see him suffer.

Oh, at first I thought that Tae Sung cleaned his room since it was filthy in the previous episode, but I just remembered that he left with So Ra straight away so he couldn’t have had time to clean his filthy room. Here’s drsma that he sees the error of his ways in future episodes.


And I’m pretty sure the writers are aware of the ‘problem’ and will work it out.

Updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama “Haeundae Lovers”

Tae-sung rushes into the wedding haehndae, bloodied shirt and all, much to the shock of his parents. Jung Chul and his girlfriend are getting ready to suntan and relax on the deck when Tae Sung interrupts.

I know it’s far from perfect so far? I’m not a fan of the female lead, but I hope that will change during the course of the drama. They spot Sora who happens to fit the description of their lead. I love this how he says it in a monotonous tone. So deductive reasoning concludes Mabe it’s the PD’s style. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Taesung was quite hot when he was in his cold, serious, professional mode.

So now we’ve had first and second lead shirtless scenes, would it be too much to ask for a shirtless Maknae Uncle scene next. Logers August 8, at 9: Meta [Happily never after] Maybe He unfortunately could not bring his late wife back here to try it, but will pass along the taste to her in heaven.

But the prosecutor gets into an accident as he is working undercover and loses his memory. Sora apologizes for that day in the nightclub though. Even if he didn’t love her, decency alone would require him to stay with her.


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Tears sprung from my eyes when Tae-sung returned in the enxt scene fully clothed Tae Sung offers to help her since the night club is still closed. Their little spat is tiring — even for Joon Hyuk, and we both shake our head at how embarrassing these two girls can be.

Of all people, bumps into Joo Hee. I couldn’t finish the first episode.

Uncle Hello Kitty takes note of the tray — and asks if the marketplace is selling a Hello Kitty version! I feel Kim Kang-woo is giving his all in this role, so I hope to really care about this drama when it finishes. But he runs after Jung Chul instead and meets him at the stairwell.

Meghan August 8, at 7: It’s actually creepy for a groom to leave his bride alone during surgery. He takes out his rage about the failed mission on the poor guy he got caught in the scene in the first place because he had to do a Number 2and orders the others to dismiss the incompetent cop.

Joon Hyuk comes and thanks them profusely for coming through.