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Aug 20, Romance with one girl but other girls also like him 4. Later scenes provide all manner of panty flashes, jiggling breasts, shredded clothing, and even outright defined nudity – only in this case we also see the girls getting torn up as much as their clothing. The latest episode 12 was particularly exquisite and mind-screwy. It’s a good-looking show, with nice rounded character designs and some surprisingly slick animation, particularly during the car-incinerating and magical-butterfly-swarming parts of the action scenes. Find documentation and support to get you started. General Anime and Manga Thread!

What a similar anime to sword art online? However, there should be a boo and a hiss to the necromancer’s name, Eucliwood Hellscythe—apparently it’s now the anime norm to name all gothic lolita characters a jumble of English Halloween words. Trending with Friends Activity Feed g Register or sign in to start receiving activity updates from around Kongregate! That doesn’t bode well for the future quality of the script. Friday, January 7, Rio: Cool and badass main character like Kirito who is sometimes a loner but knows how to deal with people 2.

I love zombie infested malls. The young boy at the heart of this story. Between its tried-and-true premise and dispiriting dearth of male characters, Dragon Crisis!

And he wants to go to a school for robotic-suit pilots, you see. It is by the same creator, who has every intention of continuing it once he is done with all things Sword Art episoed. Hana Mutou Captain Earth Mikoto Misaka A Certain series 2. Page of Aug 20, 8: Host Your Game on Kongregate An open platform for all web games! But when epizode came back, they were determined to show the world that they would never We see a cheap attempt to justify yet another story about a lone schmuck surrounded by an infinite bounty of female flesh.


Episodde post has been removed by an administrator or moderator. There’s a high school boy who lives in a house with two cute gir—oh, wait. Except for one guy, you see.

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Rainbow GateWinter It’s just 12 episodes, by the way. Or is it a simple animeultma of ESP in terms of predicting what card is next?

Aug 21, 7: Steins;Gate The opening is really awesome. Diposkan oleh BlueSwell di 8: Anime Crack Clip Anime Freak 1 years ago.

Nichijou Part 65 Episode 16 In which Mio loses her drawing to the police and fights for her honor. Aug 22, 3: Find More Posts by b0bb I am really enjoying it so far. Get more out of your Kongregate experience. She drags him to a dock where a black market exchange of supernatural goods is planned, and quite naturally proceeds to rob the robbers. To the show’s credit, there are two things that I was unprepared for.

Deeu Hase One Week Friends 8. The first one was so much like SAO that I gave up on it for awhile because it felt like a copy, but there really is enough of a difference later that it stands on its own and is very cool and captivating. Kore wa Zombie desu ka: Just click “episode 1” and you will probably find However, eisode site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience.

Aug 22, 4: Of all the anime, Highschool DxD has the most ecchi parts and contain mild nudity, so don’t watch it if you’re underaged: I like Sailor Moon.

Anime similar to Sword Art Online?

One, the show looks really nice. Known as the Goddess of Victory, she exudes luck, and anyone who touches her hand or merely basks in her presence cleans up at the card tables and slot machines. All she can say is “Ryuji,” and she can incinerate a fleet of cars with the flick of wrist, so Eriko and Ryuji figure she isn’t normal, but they don’t figure on her being a real-live dragon.


Don’t have much space in your hardware and you want to download some 30mbmb videos that don’t have bad quality? Then the plot started trippin’ balls and everyone was bitching each other out like crazy.

Shana Shakugan no Shana 7. Aug 21, 2: All rights belong to their original and respected owners. Originally posted by Carl Kimlinger of animenewsnetwork. I know this question has been already asked and answered and eoisode did watch some of the recommended anime but what i want is: Any anime similar to Sword Art Online?

Not because it’s necessarily good, nor interesting, but because it inherently has a love of the weird and eclectic. Kirino Kosaka Ainmeultima no Imouto 4.

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This is barely good enough to qualify for a shovelware dating sim. Why do people compare it to being as psychological as SEL when it clearly is not?

And he seems destined to hook up with the absurdly-named Satellizer L. Well, for the ending I usually leave once it starts. Tatsuya Shiba Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 3.

That makes the experience all the more