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There’s a reference for Lucky Star. Yutaka, Minami, Hiyori and Patricia decide to go to the same festival and discover that Minami and Miyuki live across the street from each other. She uses an address called “iluvgirlswithglasses” and this creates an awkward moment for everyone on the bus. Konata’s father recounts when he watched them when some of the older series first came out. The girls return to school after summer vacation and find that Konata is under the influence of Marimite. Kin’iro no yume ” Japanese: When the girls get to school, they talk about what blood type they have and what type of games they play. Kagami notices that she goes to Tsukasa’s class a little too much and Miyuki and Tsukasa talk about dentist and cavities again.

Although I’m not from the target audience, I enjoy it greatly. From episode thirteen onwards, each ending theme is performed by Minoru Shiraishi , singing and acting in live action the exception to this being episode sixteen, which shows a music video excerpt of “Misoji Misaki” by Hiromi Konno. Wish I was that talented.. Meanwhile, it appears that Akira Kogami makes an appearance, as declared in the previous episode’s Lucky Channel. Children and Adults” Transcription: Miyuki reveals a myriad of things that can improve eyesight, but she has never tried any of them. She realizes that she got off the stop before, but whenever she tries to go back to her seat, someone took it and Konata is forced to stand up.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Konata and the Hiiragi twins are back at the anime shop and Konata is upset because there is a new item available, but she does not have enough points to get it because she bought something else the other day.

I loved how Konata kept switching between Haruhi’s voice and her voice, that was great. Who would’ve thought of this Aya-san is absolutely back in her terrirory – doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance and all.

She looked freaked out when she look at other people erm. They also discover how much Konata resembles her late mother, Kanata Izumi, while perusing a photo album.

The Hiiragi twins come over and discuss uniforms and traditions—such as the practice of getting something from the person you like—at their old schools with Konata and Yutaka. The next day, Konata leads the girls on a side trip to the offices of Kyoto Animation. Akira Kogami has been invited to the school as a special guest, but she and Minoru still despise each other. Because Older Sister” Transcription: Especially since it was the Csoplay sort of in the previous episode.


When Minoru admits that Tsukasa has some idol qualities, Akira hits him in the head with an ashtray. It is Konata’s birthday and she is happy to be a legal adult, because she can play adult-only games legally now. Also 2, I agree with the people above me, the Haruhi references are pretty good.

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Later, Minami gets embarrassed when Miyuki recounts how Konata and her friends compliment her, and then further embarrassed when Miyuki’s mother tells of a recent time when she saw Minami at the grocery store. Minoru explains that Akira suddenly fell ill and therefore could not appear in episode twelve of Lucky Star. Chelsea will tell you, though, I was screaming out “Nooooooooooooo Konata and the two dressed as Yuki and Mikuru do the dance sequence to the song ” Hare Hare Yukai “, Tsukasa and Miyuki were impressed, Kagami was not for the most part, but konnata a bit after it was over.

The girls return to school after summer vacation and find that Konata is under the influence of Marimite. Sos-dan looks exactly like the new figurines.

Lucky ☆ Star Episode 16 Discussion

When April Fool’s Day comes around, Konata calls Kagami and tells her that she is done with her homework, and Kagami falls for it. I didn’t really like this episode. Minoru is told by the producer to stop Akira because time is almost up, but Akira ends up yelling at Minoru. The entire cosplay cafe scene was great! The Haruhism Cafe inspired me so much!

Miyuki attends school for a day without her glasses and Tsukasa gets a new cell phone, but it dies after a trip in the caf machine. And this episode also marks the first non-Shiraishi ending; instead, it’s real life Akira! Lists of anime episodes Lucky Star manga. Kagami forgets to buy groceries for dinner which angers her older sister, Matsuri. She ultimately selects volume five of Shuffle! The next morning, the girls discuss about static electricity by touching the door handles and Konata’s dad is having fun shocking himself at home.


Tsukasa loves to text message so much that she spams Kagami’s cell phone with an excessive number of messages to the point of annoyance. She tries to get the audience to help her get a bigger xafe. Akira represents the team coxplay inviting viewers to vote for the character they want to be made into a live figure.

Yui comes to visit Konata but doesn’t realize that Konata is playing an age cwfe game. Konata’s dad is also trying to call her, but she has left her phone in her room.

Pretty good ep, thou the constant haruhi references are starting to get on me. Also, Minoru has the voting results for the figurine project mentioned in episode 8, and he wants Akira to announce them.

The girls discuss various traditions, foods, and myths about New Year’s, and which ones they actually practice. Kagami receives a letter from a boy asking her to come out at night; she thinks it is a love letterthus thinks about it all day, not even saying stuff against Konata’s childish jokes. Also, the seiyu for the cosplaying Kyon and Yuki are the same people who did the voices in Haruhi Suzumiya. Retroactively asserting why scary and cute sound so similar in Japanese. Back at her house, Konata finds a rare item drop on the game and celebrates it with her online friends.

The series was directed by Japanese animation director Yutaka Yamamoto for the cosplau four episodes, but he was fired and replaced by Yasuhiro Takemoto from episode five on.