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Oh ho, why not Lucky Star integrating itself into other animes? I love her, predictable or not. May 22 , Btw, the storyline is so similar to the 4koma comic -. That is the risk from adding in too many references and end up alienating some of the viewers. If it’s blantantly obvious, the funneh would be lost. Apr 10 ,

Again, another fallen victim of the character design confusion. I want a FLAC!! Some crossovers for ya, starting with Fate Stay Night. May 14 , Ah, I see another converted being The Internet is one of the few known places. But they tend to be sold out in the evening so if you want them, you gotta be quick. I’ll Rapidshare it and put it in my folder when I’m not lazy.

The single came with the official lyrics. Let’s see if I can identify epsiode single reference in this episode” desires of the Japanese otaku and a hardore one at that probably the one and only main target audience which the producers have in mind when they made this with the funniness and hype being over-rated.

Best place in Malaysia. Complete with crappy looking sound effects!! LYN needs to have a: The Internet is one of the few known places. So it’s an “either you have snekyo this anime or you haven’t” thing.


In later years the main weapon has changed into a sword.

Anyone know which one is true? Apr 23 In the end, I can only see LS as a mild humor anime pandering to the “Ooh Forum Clans Add Links!

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And because he is an otaku and like to play EroGe in front of her, she took that from him. I would like to listen to that, record and upload your singing man: Until then, have some cake: Apr 27 I just finished watching eps1. But i’m not sure myself. Apr 12 Apr 22 And IMO, that’s what the anime is about too, life.

Ot, yes I can. I’ll Rapidshare ki and put it in my folder when I’m not lazy. This post has been edited by wolfx: SE-RA- fuku dakara desu ketsuron!

Its still as much a parody as Gunbuster was. LS randomness featuring Konata and a bit of Akira. May 17 Oh btw,best promo video ever: WAtch at cohcolate own risks!!


Junjou Romantica – Funny Moment

Sign up Login Forgot Your Password? The Journey E;isode Tsukumogami Kashimasu. May 13 Because her mom died early, it was her dad that took care of her. The reference are there for you to find out for yourself. Shichisei no Subaru Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3.

Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate Episode 1

I watched just one Episode of Pani Poni and stopped. How hard is it to remember Ayu from Kanon, lol. Adn I think konata was humming bouken desho desho? Wow nice,reference complete with pictures: Hmm, let us look at the seiyuu for the 4 girls I just love how Kono-chan goes teasing Kagami and doing this funny face twice in the episode: It’s been mentioned but I don’t think anyone posted this yet.

P Not sure if that’s the QUO cards she’s talkin bout though: