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Fuka’s dad gets so mad he forbids Akito from seeing her. While Sana looks cheerful as usual, Akito notices that she is worried. Media Arts DataBase in Japanese. They both tell him anything is good and to give her something from his heart. Hello, Goodbye My Love Episode How does Akito react when he finds out why Sana was fired? After everything thing is all said and done, the Hamilton family is still a mess.

During gym she fakes an injury to avoid having to answer who the guy is that said goodbye to her before she left. She invites a lot of them. Every time they think they’ve found her it turns out to be someone else. Suspense in New York Episode She finds that Akito is on the bed next to her, sleeping, she gets up and makes an escape just as he’s waking up. The rumors of a relationship between Sana and Naozumi spread like wildfire. So Sana And Naozumi try to protest the restriction.

When Sana and Naozumi arrive in New York, strange things keep on happening. Gomi and his new friends beats up Akito. Sana made it out of the burning house safe and sound, thanks to Naozumi. Naozumi reveals the facts about his relationship with Sana on live broadcast, and how the person Sana really likes was Akito. The producers from Kodocha decide to start up Sana’s old TV series again.

Asako is getting ready to leave for London but Rei is not ready to give up his career for her. Later, she wonders why epsode didn’t run away from his kiss. Ando takes this opportunity kkodocha threaten Class 3 of not advancing to junior high school! Akito does something to bug Sana, when they got close again. During the night, Sana believes that she had seen a ghost.

She decides to give Aono a pleasant surprise, to Akito’s objections.


Rei then returns from Hollywood. Which makes her want to limbo danceand she does. During the “chat,” Sana reveals that she found Rei as a homeless bum before he became her manager, and Asako realizes that Rei was her ex-boyfriend.

But when Akito gets episodf a fight and Fuka gets injured in the eye, the couple finds themselves at the hospital!

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Hayama is a big hit with the girls of Jinbou Middle School, Sana finds out the reason behind the drama between Fuka and Hayama, and could there be some competition for Hayama’s affection? Kkodocha, Michelle, and Sicil talk out all their problems and become a closer family. But it seems to be bigger than everyone expects.

While Sana and Misako remain optimistic, Rei faces greater obstacles as Sana’s manager. Sumirei Ando discovers the joys of limbo dancing.

With the shocking truth out, Brad tries to run away but collapses in the rain. That same day Akito and Fuka were on a date, and went to the arcade. While Sana worry about Naozumi kissing scene for work, but turns out its on the cheek. This leaves Akito surprised. They start to brawl, but Sana threatens to release the picture of Akito if he fights back because Sana insists violence is not the answer.

The play is cancelled and she loses her mind. Sana goes for a walk in the park and sees Akito. Will Sana and Akito get a chance to tell each other how they feel?

Asako and Kawai has a big love scene in the upcoming film. One is a total diva, who despises Sana. Sana copes with her surprising first kiss; Asako visits Rei, and Misako summons Akito.

After working too hard because her manager, Rei signed her up for many commercialsSana forgets a promise she made with her friends. Which way should we go? She goes back to school. Tsuyoshi panics over Akito’s reluctance to reveal his feelings to Sana.


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Normally, Rei and Maeda would be dealing with paparazzi and bogus articles, but since they are secluded on the mountain and busy with the movie the rumor mill has been working overtime.

The next day Sana and Akito are on the roof talking. The next day Sana goes to school trying to avoid Akito the entire day. Rei returns from Hollywood and offers to stay over and to protect the two. When it’s time for Tsuyoshi’s father to get out of jail, he wants to go see him when he gets out. They arrive at the shooting location.

She and Akito meet up at the park, both eager to confess. Sana cheers her up a bit and explains to Sicil why she shouldn’t be so selfish and spoiled about such a reason. Every time they think they’ve found her it turns out to be someone else. She decides to run away leaving everyone worried looking for her. Sana’s book hit the store shelves, but Mami wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the book.

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She finds out Rei is not truly in love with her. In the crowd there is a boy that looks exactly like Akito.

The book reveals that Sana was found abandoned. Tsuyoshi receives an anonymous gift. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat She goes to the office of Mr.