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Chitose asked why, and he thought it’s weird for him to say such thing he really forgot her! Anyone who thrives in a thread commenting on how horrible clamp is and how they screw up everything needs a slap to the face about 5x harder should do then too. Ioryogi apparently figured out what was going on or knew all along and found the reborn Kobato and watched her from the shadows. In order to make her wish come true, she had to pass the exam and was able to come down to this world for only 4 seasons 1 year. We never got to see the true appearances of those who are from the Spirit world, also, the netherworld too. I wanted to challenge myself. I liked the last episode well enough but this was terribly unoriginal and too neatly wrapped-up. I liked the ending.

This is because of the second last candy from episode 23 and the last candy to fill the bottle, AKA Kobato’s wish, in this episode, Left a warm feeling. As I said, its never stated that only 4 years had passed. I asked Jesus, “How much do you love me? When she holds this last candy, she came to her senses during the duet they both had. Comparisons to Wish, spoilers if anyone cares. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist:

I like it, despite the show’s numerous flaws and liberties. At school, Fujimoto met Doumoto who apparently seems as if he doesn’t met Kobato before and asked what happened to him.

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The ending was cheesy. He said he’s not that care about it, but I wanted to see Ioryogi and friends’ other forms. Kill enemies, Level up, get gold, buy weapons.


The subs were unexpectedly fast?! Oh right, I forgot how hard it is to please people nowadays.

Kobato. Episode 24 Discussion

I liked the last episode well enough but this was terribly unoriginal and too neatly wrapped-up. After the job, he returned kombeito shiny stuff when he got the laundryand asked konato sing that song along with the piano.

For the most part, I enjoyed watching this anime. Even though they complement each other, it seems they started threading in diferent directions at the key events.

I looved the ending, i’m still crying! I really wanted a less drama and sparkles ending. Wow, one of the most cliche, yet greatest endings i’ve ever seen for an anime I think you are the only one who would say such rude comments.

Sure, I do like episodic anime, I do. Yes the sparkling lights at the end is the memory gained and returned to everyone who met Kobato and everything that had happened with her with them. Now Kobato’s wish has been granted By the way its more fun playing it with more people so try inviting friends to play with you. Left a warm feeling. I would have preferred that either: It was that painful.

Sayaka said when everything’s complete, let’s go to field trip. Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site. And although I got a nice feeling watching their reunion this episode and getting to see everyone Kobato’s ever helped reappear, I’m not convinced with the story nor ending. Overall, I enjoyed this show as it leaves a good aftertaste.

Yeah, I had several theories on how Kobato would end after watching ep The candy then causes him to completely remember Kobato. What a shitty ending.


They reveal the reason why Ioryogi started the war in heaven. I’m sorry if my thoughts and opinion offended you or kogato else in ANY way.

I think the anomeultima where Fujimoto remembers Kobato and Kobato remembers Fujimoto was unneeded. Meanwhile, Sayaka reopened the nursery once again. Yen Press will release the first two volumes this Summer, so I’ll definitely look out for them. Fujimoto is doing his job, and saw Sayaka and the kids looking at the construction. I liked the ending. Too bad, but it was cool seeing the kiddos grown up.

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Well, in the most recent chapter of the manga. The only reason I kbato dropped it If it can make me cry, it deserves a 10 for sure. The first half of the episodes were lacking in direction with Kobato collecting candy almost every episode but the plot developed and it turned out to be really bittersweet towards the end. Kobato’s okbato, looks like she had a good life at that estate. I really tried to enjoy this anime, I truly did.

As somebody already mentioned, the pacing could’ve been improved animeultika, but I guess they had no choice but to rush it all in this episode. Chitose already made flyers to get people live in the empty room.