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For fast and empty exploding types and special effect buffs, avoid it at any cost, it may be too subtle and good for you! In the above testy discussion with the veteran, his parting shot regarding a possible Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia is: To give this amazing cast that screenplay and a great director, you know you are making a hit. I saw this film in Belgrade in , I am so glad that I did, believe me when I say, this really is one film you should see before you die. That month they were showing a Yugoslavian movie every Sunday night. Since the other passengers are older and of not much interest to him, he mostly communicates with the young bride through flirtatious banter to which she seems very receptive. The good example is the two gypsy singers:

It’s April 5, , somewhere in Serbia. Milan, an avid fan of FC Partizan, lives with his friend, a painter, and makes money by selling his This leads to an absurdly funny scene in which Krstic Sr. Later on the bus, the humiliated young bride offers him her seat, but he vehemently refuses: The young bridegroom is obsessed with only two things: Sublime, ridiculous, sad, and extremely funny.

Unfortunately, today’s movie standards are too focused on action and excitement that could explain why this movie faded out from cinema. And every time I see it, it is equally fantastic and always reveals something new to me.

Who’s Singin’ Over There?

So, first information to start with before or after watching this movie is that this film is officially voted in as a best Yugoslav terman of all times by Yugoslav Film Academy. However, at the time of movie’s filming inTito died, which resulted in the extended mourning period that effectively canceled all entertainment activities in the country – including the Italian circus tour tmao was meant to provide the animals for the scene.

The storyline is beyond the wildest imagination. To this day, it endures as one of the most quotable movies ever to come out of the Balkans. You just need to see it. I wood like to recommend this movie to everyone.

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But nobody in USA has heard of it, which is a real shame! When you stop laughing because of one scene, there is another one unexpectedly kicking right in again. It’s funny, and sad at some moments I watched this film over a hundred times. I truly appreciate that the movie is simple and does not involve unnecessary motives. Pointless me telling you about the film as it’s already been explained, but I would like to add, this really is one of the most funniest films I have ever seen, it’s truly perfect in every way,full of highs and lows.


Muzikant I Nenad Kostic Serb humor at it’s best! Who’s That Singing Over There”. Misko Krstic Neda Arneric Different scenes and dialogues are almost a part of general knowledge, with many entering public vernacular.

Along with the “Maratonci trce pocasni krug” from the same director, one of the masterpieces of ex-Yugoslavia comedies. Audible Download Audio Books.

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Paja 3 August Maratonci trce pocasni krugBalkanski spijunThis is as close to a perfect movie as any I have seen. Brka as Danilo Stojkovic Aleksandar Bercek Steamed by the snide comment, the veteran hops to his feet fuming and demanding to be sold 5 tickets in order to prove his buying power.

After initially being late for the bus, he attempts to board it by hailing it midway. You want someone to see me letting you on outside it and fine me?

For the young man who lives in Serbian province town, the maturing coincides with the turbulent political events of the year This page was last edited on 19 Januaryat The young bridegroom is obsessed with only two things: I don’t know how did people around the world who had opportunity to watch it accept this movie, because you have to know some moments in our serbian history and character of Serbs in the first half of the 20th century, to be able to understand it!

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! On the other hand, he really does seem to have tuberculosis — then a common disease — as at one point he coughs out some blood onto his handkerchief. Kondukter as Pavle Vujisic.

I’ve seen the movie on Dutch television sometime in ? And yet, its appearance of a theatre play transformed into a feature film takes nothing of its value. The most memorable point in their performance is probably their comic scene of lovemaking in the bushes, while the rest of the passengers secretly assemble to watch. Using a simple movie language, director Slobodan Sijan paints a picture of society torn by previous war World War Ibut also highlights personal portraits with success: Although a comedy on the outer level, the movie’s layers reveal many observant details that indicate the Serbian society’s structure and atmosphere at the time.


The story of a ten year old boy who, as most of the children in Yugoslavia of the s can hardly imagine his life without the great national leader – marshal Tito. Its’ scenario also has a lot of quotes very popular in Serbia.

In the hospital they remember their youth and the war. Right from the start, through conversations about current events, issues of the day, and general chit-chat, the characters’ individual traits and sensibilities are clearly established.

Full Cast and Crew. Learn more More Like This. When you see the ending it is sort of ironic that they enjoyed themselves while they did! Ramo trce pocasni krug, Balkanski spijun and Otac na sluzbenom putu.

In the film was turned into a ballet by the National Theatre in Belgrade. Superbly developed subtitless into the lots of funny situations full of spirit, absurdness and Serbian mentality. It all comes clear at the end, but don’t miss even a second of the film or you will regret doing so. Original, fun and witty, it might not have the same impact on the international viewer as it has on the locals, who get the in-jokes and context only too well.

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame The good example is the two gypsy singers: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sublime, ridiculous, sad, and extremely funny.

He is also quick to criticize and throw people off his bus, but only after they have paid the ticket.