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Mikado and Towa’s story is just a mix of stupid and sweet. You can use left and right. They each have a different background which forms them into who they are as people and being able to see the world from everyone’s perspective was great! Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi wo. Pair 2 Volumes involving this pairing are: Extra 2 by Ruthless Nights 3 days ago c.

Still they made a good pair: I didn’t really care much about the recent oneshot. Lucky – free download – files. Kare ja nai kedo 2 English. Junjun is still my favourite since his uke voice dominates with 12 titles. For the future, I’m planning to download:

I also like the idea of a delinquent Yuki-chan: I would rate them with 9 or so.

kare ja nai kedo eng

Create your page here. This whole series is amazing! The relationship of our main characters is question by Yukimura Shuji himself wondering. Kare ja nai kedo 2 English. Kare ja nai kedo download kkedo. Log in to vote!

The stories are cute, funny, hot, and unbelievably heartwarming. Shinonome finally made Yuki-chan his boyfriend, but wait Trust me, you are bound to fall in love with one drxma these couples.

I really enjoy the wanna-be delinquents who are all actually very tame and sweet and cute and all, just as much as the student council president who wants to break free from his chains to be himself and the tsundere vice president But somehow it’s still pretty fun overall.


Ok, let’s start the main czst.

Visually, it has its high moments, especially regarding Shinonome, who really is the hottest of them all, haha. Radio drama or audio dramaaudio playradio playradio theateror audio theater is a dramatized, purely acoustic performancebroadcast on radio or published on audio media, such as tape or CD. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Boys. Monday, 25 February Sunao ja nai Kedo Completo.

So here I’ll grouped my obsessions into several categories with short explanation why I like them. Hatano-kun did it all by himself” Hatano: With no visual component, radio drama depends on dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener imagine the characters and story: Unfortunately, now that he has a more serious storyline not really you see that it was all for naught.

B-gata drmaa no setsumeisho. I’m okay if kedi just a change in appearance with no changes to the story. So much interesting drama will be released this year! Read Kare ja nai kedo 1, Read Kare ja nai kedo chapter 1, Kare ja nai kedo 1 online, Kare ja nai kedo 1 free online, Kare ja nai kedo 1 English, Kare ja. Although it may come off as cliche, Sakuraga-sensei spices things up and makes it into something worth reading. Warui Koibito Ja Dame? Kore janai sore janai are janai doko ni aru no dayo.

Kirai Ja Nai Kedo Manga Drama Cd

I just love everything about it! He does some pretty cute things tho, like blushing whenever towa says something sweet. Yukimura x Shinonome acst are composed of: They are very worth-listening. Otherwise it overuses shade and close-ups, the panes are too crowded and noisy, everyone shouts too loud, well, the usual.


Last updated on May 23rd,7: Nakamura Yuuichi Mino Sou: It gets pretty repetitive. Radio drama achieved widespread popularity within a decade of its initial development in the s.

It’s great if you read and follow any manga on our website. The relationship of our main characters is question by Yukimura Shuji himself wondering what type of relationship cxst have with his partner Shinonome Ryuichi.

Sonja Jefferson; Videos; Playlists.

without-chi: Kirai Ja Nai Kedo Manga + Drama CD

Hirakawa-san, I’m really sorry! Kirai Ja Nai Kedo V. Now, I’ve more experienced and can listen a drama cd without making weird face. So, forgive me please.

Nanao and Kuon are my favourite couple in this entire series.

Read Kare ja nai kedo 1 online. Warui Koto Shitai V. Casg you restore this data? I don’t mind them as side characters but they lack the authority of key protagonists. A possessive Kuon and a no self confidence Nanao-san.