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He meets Hong Se Na, who bears a striking resemblance to his dead wife, and is determined to Cast – The King 2 Hearts. Kim Boong Do is a scholar who travels years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin, a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama. They fight and make up, and each time she falls deeper for him. Thank you so much! Jae Ha tries out this password, which finally works when Jae Ha does the cheer and claps three times.

Writer xi, I would curse you if you go that path! Shi Kyung encourages Jae Ha top step out of the shadow of his former life. This drama fails to walk the fine line between cute and cheesy. Jae Ha tries out this password, which finally works when Jae Ha does the cheer and claps three times. Lee Seung Gi Main Cast. It was sweet when anchor woman cried while saying about miscarriage.

The King 2 Hearts

Both have lost their father figure, and both, in the aftermath of losing that father went crazy, deliberately or not. LOL, I love their incredulous expressions. Jae Shin looks scared. Jae Ha corrects himself and confirms that its his Korean name Bong Goo.

HA looked so fragile when she was leaving. Tragedy strikes Eun-seong Han Hyo-Joo when her father suddenly dies and her brother goes missing.

Jae Ha walks through a portrait gallery with the Prime Minister and other officials. But Jae Kang cannot let this person scare him. But when tragedy strikes the royal family, Jae-Ha is forced to take kimdhidramas new responsibilities with Hang-Ah at his side. Viewers would probably tune in more. Dear Koala, thank you so much for the great recap!

The King 2 Hearts I thought he was adorable before but now I love and respect him. They fight and make up, and each time she falls deeper for him. If the guy ends the relationship, the girl gets to keep all the baubles.


Then I read in one of the comments that there is an engagement invitation to the public?! I just finished watching the subbed version n i must say JH is so hot in this ep…what with his sleeves rolled up n sitting on the library floor with pen rolling in his hand n deep in the books, then laying on the floor trying to break the code. From a storytelling perspective, I actually thought that the miscarriage was a great plot device because it kimchidrwmas Jae Ha the lesson of consequences.

This drama will give me a whiplash and then some. Insight on how this kimchidramaa will play out? Bong Goo meets episoxe Jae Ha and starts with pleasantries. I thought them sleeping together in episode 8 felt natural, but once again the execution was all wonky. The Queen Mother is stunned, wondering how this could be since the couple had separate rooms.

The two works together to bring down the bad guy. The King’s Lovers Team. Search for ” The King 2 Hearts ” on Amazon. Why does he do this? Queen Mother tells him that Hang Ah has left, so does he feel better that his life has returned to normal?

Jae Shin needs to be moved from the hospital but outside there are swarms of reporters. Colin 19 episodes, Add the first question.

She changes back into her pretty pink hanbok that she wore when she first came to South Korea.

OUCH, but you go Mommy! Secretary Eun confirms that Hang Ah does want to go home as well, and he agrees to contact the North to arrange for her return.

Kim Hang Ah 20 episodes, Jung-suk Jo Hang Ah apologizes to her and leaves. Even the subs are already done. Yes No Report this. But K2hearts is giving me sleepless kimmchidramas, I kept thinking or imagining what might happen next or rather what should happen next.


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Even though he played with her feelings the WOC training, at the very worse, he just said the to him, she is not eppisode woman — meaning that he is not interested in her, but he never tore down her character. Jae Ha does understand, its not easy assisting the royal family for the past 30 years. Or were you spreading rumors here? So I think that they both were in the wrong — HA by throwing his words by at him about being trash was just as mean as JH telling her she was not a woman.

She asks if Jae Ha sent Hang Ah away because she hurt him? During the recording, Ha Ji Won was kimchieramas to choose her favorite actor amongst the many she had worked with throughout her career.

Edit Details Official Sites: Right now there is nothing to do about the WOC, and Jae Ha has personally wrecked the changes of a marriage with a Northerner. Her solitary existence is soon She holds dual-citizenship or visa for now. Hope she is geared out not to deal with JaeHa… but common enemies like Bonggu and secretary Eun! Her dad quickly apologizes and says this is not what he meant. While I miss the warrior Hang Ah from the WOC training days, at least the drama establish early on that she is girly when off duty and innocently desiring love despite being a love moron when it comes to guys.