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One day, Masooma bumps into her best friends younger brother Jamal Ahmad a. Akbari is a girl who wants to win the hearts of her parents. Diyar-e-Dil follows the lives of a dysfunctional family led by Agha Jaan and his grandchildren, Wali, the story is told in a heavily serialized manner. Bunty takes Dania to Mehwishs house, where Dania finds out that Mehwish is not interested in Bunty but the money. Masoomas friend Shafaq makes her realise that she will never get a husband than Jo. Marina get s arrested and you see Khavar is also arrested. Farida is also a talented girl who is determined to do well in life.

But, they want to all the money to themselves. Naheed supports Arsal and says that it’s not only about looking after the property but to look after Soha too. Areeba sets off to her interview but Arsal’s bike breaks down, so she goes in a rickshaw but the rickshaw slightly collides with Kesar’s car. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The main article for this category is List of programs broadcast by Hum TV. Faarah admits her love for Wali the day her contract was due, story of serial is based on award-winning writer Farhat Ishtiaqs novel of the same name Dayar-e-Dil with few variations. She has to make a decision to stay with Shaukat 9. Marina get s arrested and you see Khavar is also arrested.

Soha tells Episodee after all that she did to her, why she protected her and thought about her, and that she should throw her out of the house and hate her. Hum TV Official Website. She buys Bunty from Mehwish exactly how Patel bought her from her fiance and she then shows the video of the event to Bunty. Jamal explains that two weeks of the incident Masooma saw CCTV footage from that day and realized that Jamal was innocent 5.

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W Woh TV series. Marina sneakily goes into Areeba’s room, Areeba is sleeping, Marina walks towards the drawers and sees the divorce document. She leaves and goes to Rogers where he is found with a girl and he tells her that the girl with him is his wife.

Areeba is surprised when she finds out she got the job and in happiness buys a box of sweets meeti. Days go by and Farida finds out she is having a baby, when the baby is born, her aunt is in awe.

After Agha Jaans second heart attack, Wali kidnapped Faarah from her house and drove her to his summer resort, Behroze, Zuhra and Moeezs truth was revealed to Ruhi after which she regretted her doings and was locked up by Moeez. Marina says that Areeba brainwashed her.


After six months Masooma decides to send Maha to London for higher studies, Maha confides in Shafaq that she framed Jamal because Masoomas was falling in love with him and she was starting to forget her first husband. He says he hates how she smells everyday and never is romantic with him, Farida then plans to go back home. Adeel and Sila move out after this and start a new life, Adeel treats Sila cold heartedly, but with time Sila wins Adeel over.

The show was on air on Hum Europe from 8 May and it also aired in India on Zindagi from 22 June under the title Aaja Sajna Miliye Juliye to celebrate the channels first anniversary. After getting disowned by his father, Behroze left his house to marry Ruhina, without the consent of Agha Jaan, while Arjumand was forced to marry Behrozes younger brother, both the couples faced different situations, with one in love and the other in depression.

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Theme songTelevision soundtrack. On the day of marriage, Asghari starts dancing with the dancer which upsets the whole family, after the marriage, Hatim has a heart-attack so his father tells him to take Akbar to America so eppisode he can take care of Hatim and his business. Sila decides not to tell her child about his real father. Soha cries as her mom, enters the police van.

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Pakistani drama television series s Pakistani television series Pakistani television series debuts s Pakistani benaak series debuts Pakistani television series endings s Pakistani television series endings Urdu-language television programs Hum TV series Hum TV Drama television series stubs Pakistani television stubs. Dania does not believe and thinks that he is joking so she say that Will you drink poison for me, Bunty recalls Sehrishs statement in his mind that True lover never gives real poison so he drinks the poison which is unfortunately real.

Marina devices a plan with khavar, in which soha Marina and Kesars daughter will marry Juvad Khavar’s son in order to make Kesar angry. There is a large rivalry between soha and Areeba after this scene e.

One day, she goes to the mall and finds Shahriyar is there and they both talk and Farida admits to her not marrying him because she was forced to marry Shaukat. Official poster of the telefilm released by Hum TV. Events take a turn episodr Abrash and Zarnishs relationship faces problems, after a heated quarrel, Zarnish leaves for London and Abrash follows her to take a final decision once and for all.

Dastaan is the first project of its kind taken up by the Pakistani media, director Haissam Hussain stated in an interview that production for the drama began months in advance, and that the filming itself only took a little over two months.


Areeba gets pregnant and Marina kesar’s first wife is angry because she believes that she built this large business empire and he is giving it all away to some poor girl. Marina enter the room and says we shouldn’t allow Areeba, the killer of Kesar walk around freely, because she is a criminal.

She sets off walking. Masooma tells Maha about Jos proposal and tells her that they need someone like Jo in their lives, as he has all the qualities of a good companion, Masooma also says that she will not accept the proposal if Maha is uncomfortable about it.

Farida is also a talented girl who is determined to do well in life.

Diyar-e-Dil — Diyar-e-Dil is a Pakistani television drama serial, that originally aired on the Hum TV from 17 Marchto 27 Octobercomprising a total of 33 episodes. Pages in category “Hum TV series” The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total.

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Sila cant get herself to sign the divorce papers, Zoya visits Sila khwanish apologizes to her. Hassan and Bano eventually become engaged, and Saleem decides to leave behind his rivalry with Hassan for Banos sake, soon, Hassan gets a job in Rawalpindi and has to leave immediately. Main cast of Diyar-e-Dil, from left to right: But before he passes away he finds out that in 12 years of his marriage to Dania, he was never able to win her love.

Previously, it was decided to run the show under the title Lakeerein, built on the true events of partition ofthe series depicts the events of rioting and chaos in Screenplay is also written by Ishtiaq while script composing is done by Muhammad Wasi-ul-Din, Farhat has previously khwaihsh twice with Momina, when she wrote mega-hit drama serial in Pakistan television history Humsafar and Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu.


Bunty takes Dania to Mehwishs house, where Dania finds out that Mehwish is not interested in Bunty but the money. Drama Romance Soap opera. Khusbu blames Areeba for her kheahish destiny and starts to ruin her life e. Later on, a big trouble hits the family, the family is short on money so they ask Farida to start writing again. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Her main priority first epiaode to earn money to fund her family in their financial crisis her parents then start to like her.

Soha asks Areeba for forgiveness.