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Kululu shows all of them a video of Mois’ activities which was supposed to be secret and a gift to her father. In part B, the Keroro Platoon and Baio fight for control of the weather to determine the fate of Momoka’s sports festival. In part B, The Keroro platoon make a test from the Keron Army, asking for their hobbies, interests, etc. Froggy Paddle ” Transcription: In part A, Fuyuki’s dream of Keroro successfully invading seems to come true as the platoon begin to act with uncharacteristic determination. In part A, the Keroro platoon opens a hamburger store. This page was last edited on 5 February , at Frog episodes season 6.

Twin at All Costs! Fuyuki competes in a tournament of occult-based challenges to save his occult club. Otona no Kaigan Monogatari de Arimasu ” Japanese: Gun previously mentioned in the last episode. Frog anime series is a compilation of the fifty-one episodes after episode two-hundred-and-five from the series, which first aired in Japan from April 5, to March 28, on TV Tokyo. The Platoon flees but Fuyuki is abandoned and they can’t go back for him.

Frog anime series had its running time reduced to 15 minutes in its original timeslot. Natsumi suspects that Keroro will use his invisibility device to go out and cause trouble, so she convinces her family to install hidden cameras throughout the house to spy on him.

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The frogs get mail from children from their home planet. Giroro yunso a cat getting wet in the rain and decides to keep it.


Christmas time is here, and Keroro plans on using this time to finally conquer the world. Aliens all over Pekopon are being abducted and a new girl is transferred to Keeoro group.

In part A, the platoon once again let their copy robots take care of the house while they plan for fun activities, but things once again spiral out of hand.

All goes well until they lie about having the space idol Sumomo and Giroro was not able to recreate her voice. The Platoon and the detective fight but only Keroro wants to fight. Saigo no Oshigotojin de Arimasu ” Japanese: How the West Was Run! She’s already years late however.

Keroro’s excitement for his birthday soon melts into despair as he starts believing that his friends forgot about it. The Platoon flees but Fuyuki is abandoned and they can’t go back for him. Wanting to become a stronger fighter, Tamama decides to not use his Tamama Impact.

List of Sgt. Frog episodes (season 5) – Wikipedia

Jerseyman Fuyuki ” Japanese: The platoon goes to the rescue only to fail miserably 327 the lack of a fifth member. Kululu’s first invention in Pekopon is a ray that modifies the target’s age and Aki is the first to try it.

Shin Hissatsu Waza de Arimasu ” Japanese: He is angry, and the Keroro platoon try and calm him down, but their efforts make it worse.

Then 23 Mois walks into the scene. Lost In Transportation ” Transcription: The Cavitians Of Cavity 9! Keroro enters the platoon into the world cup, hoping to gain control of Pekopon.


List of Sgt. Frog episodes – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat In part A, Fuyuki and Natsumi see Keroro sneaking around on the streets. Parent’s Classroom Visit” Transcription: Around them are the human figures that help keroo understand earth’s culture. Frog episodes season 2. The fifth season of the Sgt.

The eipsode runs after her to catch them attacking Natsumi’s friends. The three of them are saved by a strange woman that rings a bell.

Keroro’s dad arrives on Earth for an unexpected visit with news of an arranged marriage for Keroro. Angol Mois falls over the Hinata’s house and reveals that she not only knows Keroro but she’s here to fulfill the prophecy of the Earth’s destruction.

Soon everybody is trapped in the room, and nobody knows how to get out until they get out of the room by going inside of keroro’s picture door which is actually exit and no Tiger horses But He realize the everyone is tiger horses. Natsumi ventures through the perils of the Keroro Platoon’s base to rescue her prized autograph, with help from Koyuki.