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Subwoofer placement also takes a little thought. This is a very easy package to listen to for long periods. Time for a test drive. Yes, my password is: And sticking to the theme of integration, the way the E satellites disperse sound makes for a thoroughly seamless, enveloping surround field. The good news is that most of these statements are very positive ones. KEF E Speaker Q Acoustics i 5.

Jamo S Series 5. There are arguably more precise and focused packages available, with something like the new Q Acoustics Qi offering a slightly more expressive and transparent performance than that on offer from the E As such, ten years after the original Egg comes the E an Egg for the present. Like the VW it was widely imitated- the number of packages on the market exploded in the years after it was launched. It starts seamlessly and never seems to miss the first second of the performance which is all too common with other designs. As a PR stunt, it had failed utterly. And if you want to try a few different angles and speaker positions and the manual is good here you’ll appreciate their portability.

KEF E305 review

Far From Home teaser. The Uni-Q is intended to offer a wider and more even dispersion than two cniema mounted in a conventional arrangement but in a speaker this size additionally allows KEF to reduce the size of the enclosure that the driver needs. The slightly unusual shape of the sub is something to take into account. Monitor Audio Silver 5. Where the KEF goes most of the way to justifying the cost is the lovely industrial design and gorgeous finish.

Against Lacks the outright attack of some Could be more expressive Loses impact ksf lower volumes. The E is a speaker package that you can play pretty much anything through and it will sound controlled, well integrated rfview entertaining. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


Latest News News Competitions! I ended up with the rears a tiny bit boosted for my taste and found the overall coherency superb and the high-frequency handling just fabulous. It’s pretty, and wall-mountable if you wish, so will suit the fashion-conscious. Sci-fi classic Alien to hatch on 4K Blu-ray d305 April?

And how it performs, with great coherency and a woofer that’s way more sophisticated than it might look on the outside, makes it a perfect match for movie fans.

KEF has managed to keep the visual identity of the Egg and the design aspects that make it what it is but at the same time, they have also rview it forward a considerable distance over older versions.

KEF E305 5.1 speaker package Review

The tradeoff that the sub asks in return is that it is not the most aggressive performer in the category. HCC Movie Awards Yet I still ate rview chocolate, and my interest was tickled enough to make sure I tracked the KEF system down at the next show I went to.

The first is that the satellite is slightly taller and slimmer than the older models or at least it looks taller and slimmer. And because of that, it loses a star.

It is intensely complex and could get congested, yet the E system was equal to the challenge. How many subwoofers are in your home cinema system? Reduce the levels just a bit and you quickly lose dynamism and punch, and that can make everyday listening a slightly flat experience. This equates to tinkly, engaging highs in the audible band — strings are given edges, cymbals have presence.

Connectivity is limited to a single LFE input but for pretty much every situation the KEF is likely to be fitted in, it is quite enough.

The enclosures are utterly easy to set up. Entirely recorded off-set obviouslyand with wonderful voice performances from the likes of Billy Connolly and Robbie Coltrane, it’s become a personal favourite. The woofer has only one control surface and that is the underside.


Not only does this look smart, it means that the foot can rotate around a ball joint to become a wall mount. Design The basic ingredients of the E are recognisable to anyone who has used a set of Eggs in the last ten years. No sub sat package is ever hugely sensitive but the KEF is a bit less sensitive than some of the competition so benefits from being used with an amp that has good power delivery. Amazon Echo Sub review. Do you already have an account? Plug your speakers wires into their squeeze posts and a phono in the subwoofer and you’re ready — no volume, no crossover to set.

Focal ICW 8 in-ceiling speaker review. This has historically allowed the Egg to be slightly more compact than the competition although there is more than one way to skin a cat and this is no longer quite as true as it once was.

KEF E speaker package Review | AVForums

Some listeners may find themselves wanting a little more low end heft though. There’s a brilliant scenario of whizzing arrows, big hoof beats of the heavy horse and rousing Scots song with layers of vocals. In such a competitive sector of the market, things move fast ciema very fast. There is a simple degrees phase flip switch and, lastly, an EQ bass boost switch with three positions.

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