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Teasing La Vagabond’s name seems below your usual level Mr Winter. The click-through rate for the truck films was a rock solid one per cent while click-through from www. So put a link to a KTL Anarchy thread at the end of each film. Youtube get paid per click – and they give me a share. Been enjoying season 3 also Dylan, one request though. There are now about films on the website. Find Boats For Sale Length:

Hope you can hang in there with a few more vids, at least you can get back out on the water and recharge the spirit. I have been sailing in scotland for the past three years – driving up and down from the south – ten hours each way. I would rather spend a day clutching a rostrum camera at a conference and then spend the money going sailing without my camera. If we could find a way to spread that around, I really think it would encourage people to contribute. It takes about six weeks of argueing with a google computer before a cheap to emply Indian google employee comes on line. Just saying stop and listen to a fuller set of facts first.

I dont think that is too hard to setup.

I admire their work ethic. Over the past year aeason the KTL hits have risen and the income dropped I have spent many hours driving up to scotland and back thinking about how to put this thing back on track.

I will be putting in an appearance in Scotland later in the year The former environment minister, who served in the New Labour government for six years, later became a thorn in the side of Tony Blair and tried to stand against Gordon Brown for the leadership. Register a new account.

I allow my subscribers to leave comments on the films. If you’ve never watched Dylan’s movies, give them a try.

The subscribers can see that I cut every possible financial corner in an effort to keep costs down and the project going. Lovely blokes, eager to chat – but they are not really sailors I have been winter sailing in scotland for two years now – what I need is one of these. If I am to make good films – and that is the point of the excercise – I need a reliable warm boat and the funds to keep her on a marina pontoon.


As part of the deal, and as a way of involving the sailors, I tell them about the revenue for the project which all comes from the website. Thanks for the nice comment bob.

Keep Turning Left. – Page 8

No good deed goes unpunished. The way to nudge each other along and make sure we all toss a bit in the pot on time is, generally speaking, social pressure. Two bits of pitta bread….

By AjaxFebruary 2, in Cruising Anarchy. I did some pretty dumb things at times of keepturninngleft when no-one would have seen the old bloke in his well laden small dinghy going out to his boat.

You could probably come up with a cross-promotion deal with them and turn it into a win-win-win you, them, and us. On his personally circumstances, keepturninglevt go there, It sason absolutely nothing to do with his films.

I will quite understand if you decide to kill the Adsense account for the sailing website if, as you report, it is producing some weird click-through patterns – however, disabling Adsense for my YouTube activities seems counter-intuitive.

Some people thought it was great sesaon others thought he was rather annoying. It was, literally, the most inhumane letting go I have ever experienced. Posted February 10, There are now about films on the website. Has anyone actually suggested it to Clean? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. There’s probably an episode in “the making of KTL” that would be interesting to see as well if it doesn’t exist already My Youtube space has now had 20, visits.


KeepTurningLeft Season 8 film 18 Badachro, Skye, Arisaig

Some of the music I have used in the films also belongs to Time Warner, so they get the advertising revenue from the films as part of a sweetheart deal between them, google and sony. No objections or complaints from me. At the moment I am delivering 1. Originally Posted by sailaboutvic. Maybe there’s a gap in the interweb market for an introduction agency. I’m working on it.

Save “Keep Turning Left” – Page 2 – Cruising Anarchy – Sailing Anarchy Forums

That’s why I give them no money and never will. But it’s a compelling series.

It has not yet ended. Wow, that’s a really nice write-up. Decided I would save the rest for tonight, to really enjoy in the most relaxed manner thinkable.

KTL 8 Scotland

I remember arguing at the time that the war would be a disaster for Afghans, it would destabilise neighbouring Pakistan and would end without solving anything. Posted February 11, It was quickly clear that there is a shitload of work there. You can build on your fans, your knowledge, your specialty and your network. You should scour the cutting room floor to see if you can find some unwanted bits to add back in. I have asked the blokes if they like the idea of patreon and most of them don’t.

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