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Pia and Pushkar depart from the club, but they get into a small accident. Bani realizes her new boss is extremely rude, and meanwhile Jai invites Daksh to a party at his mansion. Sahil had actually stolen the money for some personal gain, and he is fired by Jai. Jai Walia has become a ruthless man who believes his workers are slaves, and there is a party celebrating his th take over of a company. Walia at least one truth before he leaves. Arriving by her own free will at a house, she remembers three sisters and their happy moments there. However, Meera, who has not seen Bani before, finally meets her and gives her the contract for the wedding.

Sonali, Jai’s friend, tries to comfort her by saying its better to marry someone who loves you rather than someone you love. Meanwhile, Bani makes an agreement with Meera and decides to live in the outhouse, which greatly frightens Jigyasa. Bani rings Pushkar at midnight to wish him a happy birthday but it slips out of Piyas mind! Meanwhile, however, a patient at a hospital wakes up after a terrible accident. Pia feels guilty toward Pushkar for what she said the day before, and Mr. With the aid of Mother Kali, Bani is able to stand up and fight against Meera, but instead has mercy on her and does not kill Meera.

Meera tries to run from Bani’s ghost, but she is led to the same place where she killed Bani seventeen years ago. Meanwhile, Ranvir becomes angry at a misunderstanding with Bani.

Jigyasa is in London and Karuna has returned and is hosting the party. While Bani remembers Krishna and Atharva, Mr. As the party continues, Jigyasa is shocked that her brother has given Meera the keys to the safe.

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Jai ignores Bani and Daksh, but when he returns home he takes his anger out on Meera. The three sisters soon realize that they are not welcomed at all by Jai’s younger sister, Jigyasa, but they are allowed to stay at their outhouse. Despite all their hopes and wishes, Krishna and Atharva, who reunited Bani and Jai after five years, are murdered. After several years, Pushkar comes and meets the Walia family and wants to take Pia home so they can live together with Veer.


66, Jigyasa comes up with a new plan to tear Jai from Ganga forever.

Later in the day, the entire Walia family, including Bani, Pia, Rano, and Pushkar go to the premiere of Sonali’s new movie. After signing these mysterious papers, Bani knows its time to talk to Pushkar about Pia’s marriage. During the party Pushkar meets Pia and he takes an instant attraction to her, but Jigyasa’s second plan creates more distance between Bani and Pia.

Bani is forced to serve many drinks on a small plate, and she has a tearful reunion with her family, especially her younger sister, Rano. However, Kssamh, who has not seen Bani before, finally meets her and gives her the contract for the wedding.

However, Jai is even angrier when he learns that Mr. Jigyasa makes another plan to humiliate Bani at a party which occurring at the Walia mansion.

Bani and Pushkar go out for dinner while Pia and Rano go out shopping. Ranvir is forced to leave, but things may not look as they seem. Ranvir blackmails Bani into signing some papers and meanhwile, Pia is invited by Pushkar to visit his house later in rpisode evening.

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Bani stays away from Jai, but she see a feeling that Jai is somehow related to the wedding she’s catering for. However, oasamh bone marrow does not match Ganga’s, but Meera has another surprise up her sleeve. Bani goes to Krishna’s and Atharva’s graves to lay flowers on them, but Jai violently pushes her out which brings Billo Massi and Jai face to face. Jai, who is extremely irate at Pia, shouts at Bani because of her sister’s stupidity.


Thanks to Pia, Bani finds out that Aditya killed her children. Pia and Rano rush to jail to see Bani, and Pia then seeks Pushkar so that he could free her from jail.

Meera invites Daksh to the Walia mansion, but Ganga soon learns that she will die, just like her siblings. Everyone is jubilant, except for Rano. Episode 22 Episode Bani searches for a job, but she discovers the Jai Walia has forbidden anyone to give her a job. Episodf this unhoni can happen, Bani sends a prayer to Mother Kali and begs of her to unite her with her children and gain justice. Pushkar comes face to face with Jai accidentally but he merely clenches his fist and walks past him!

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Meanwhile, Jai is heartbroken and shocked to hear the Bani’s one and only love is her brother-in-law Daksh. Ganga is brought into the Walia mansion, but she can’t forget about her mother. However, Meera is frightened by coming back to Mount Abu, and Bani’s death anniversary does not help her in any way.

Jai has accepted Meera as his wife but in Calcutta, a women named Kxsamh makes a decision to go to Mount Abu.