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After signing these mysterious papers, Bani knows its time to talk to Pushkar about Pia’s marriage. Pia leaves and runs to the Walia outhouse, leaving a besotted Pushkar behind. Episode 12 Episode Episode 11 Episode Jai uses Meera as a way to make Bani jealous and humiliated, which causes Meera to think Jai truly loves her. Meanwhile, Jigyasa worries and frets over the outhouse and what is inside it.

Episode 14 Episode Jai rescues Pia and Sahil from the police even though Bani is also angry with Pia’s act. Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger. As Pronita enters the party, she learns from Rano that the love of this family was created by her eldest sister, Bani. Walia at least one truth before he leaves. Pronita believes that Jai Walia killed his first wife Bani himself, and faints near his Mount Abu house. Insulted, Bani decides to leave the house until Pushkar finds out the truth. The next day Bani meets Mohan Khandelwal, who wants to buy the sister’s house in Mount Abu, which greatly upsets Bani.

Karuna finally sees Bani in her small town, and she reports this back to Jigyasa. Ganga tries to stop Jai from selling her canteen and with many various attempts, she succeeds.

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Episode 13 Episode Jai give an expensive diamond necklace to Pia, but Pia tries to cover up everything when Pushkar arrives. Under the pressure of Meera, Jai agrees to go to the hospital and has a bone marrow test done on him.

Sahil had actually stolen the money for some personal gain, and he is fired by Jai. In the middle of the night, Ranvir leaves the mansion for some unknown reason. As Bani goes to work, she gets stuck in an elevator with Jai Walia. Jai has accepted Meera as his wife but in Calcutta, a women named Pronita makes a decision to go to Mount Abu.

Bani pulls off a great presentation at kazamh office despite Ranvir’s anger, and back at home Mohan proposes to Bani. Episode 23 Episode Bani starts to prepare for the wedding feast and with the help of her friends and neighbors, she does an excellent job. Episode 20 Episode As Pronita becomes more and more disturbed at Mount Abu, Krishna begins to have troubles at the Walia mansion.


Jigyasa tells Bani and We the truth. Episode 26 Episode While Krishna is accused of partying at a disco, Pronita finally finishes her sixteen year old sketch. The outhouse undergoes some renovations, but some workers feel there is a malevolent spirit inside it. As Pronita enters the party, she learns from Rano that the love of this family was created by her eldest sister, Bani. Bani tries epusode enter the outhouse but Jigyasa tells her to leave.

Pronita, however, still believes Jai killed his wife and soon rescues a desperate girl. Jai loves the sweet rice, and thakurain’s plan totally backfires. This makes Bani and Billo Massi very jubilant, but it puts a sour kasamj of Jigyasa and the thakurain. Bani does not listen, but Pia tells Jigyasa that she will marry Mohan.

However, things may take a drastic change when Dadi sees Bani working in the kitchen. At the office, Jai announces a new business project which will be head by Pushkar, and assisted by Bani. Episode 21 Episode Bani searches the outhouse and realizes somerthing is living inside it, and desperately tries to tell Mr.

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Walia is in better health. As Pallavi’s wedding ceremonies continue, Meera realizes her place is somewhere else. Back at Meerut, Bani hears of a wedding taking place between a boy of Meerut and a daughter of the family of a business tycoon.

Meera finally plans to kill Bani once and for all, but Jigyasa reveals herself to protect her. Following the advice from their father, Bani, Pia, and Rano travel to Kasammh by train. eipsode

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Walia soon also kaasmh to feel that Bani is back in Mumbai. However, on the way home she meett with a fatal accident. Pushkar tries to change Pia’s mind to not marry Mohan and takes her outside the mansion. Desperate to find money, Bani goes to the only one person who can help her. Meera is introduced as Jai’s wife at the party, but Jai totally ignores her.


Ranvir declares his true love to Rash and ze to be with her his entire life. Meera takes Vidya and Ganga to a fun center where they spend the rest of the day. Bani begins to ignore Ganga even more, and soon after Bani goes to work.

Jai favors Bani over Ranvir and doubles her salary, making Ranvir very irate. Fifteen days after Jai kicked Bani out of the house, Pia recovered and tried to tell Jigyasa who killed Krishna and Atharva.

Episode 27 Episode Bani learns that the Walia mansion is going to distribute food to the poor, and she plans to go there to put some kumkum on Ganga. Nishikant leaves the restaurant after seeing his daughter as a waitress with a feeling episodde failure.

Although Bani can know stay with her canteen, the thakurain still throws her out and accuses her of being promiscous. Unfortunately, Pushkar become shattered when we finds out that Pia is marrying his boss. Taking advantage of the situation, Jigyasa makes Jai and Ganga dance so they can become closer, and so her plan of Ganga becoming adopted will succeed. As Meera and Jai plan to get remarried, Pronita starts to concoct a plan to ruin Meera.

In doing so, she completely episoode Ganga. Meanwhile, Jai is heartbroken and shocked to hear the Bani’s one and only love is her brother-in-law Daksh.