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Pronita is disgusted with him for lying to Meera. Bani tells Karuna that she had seen her outs. Bani recalls how Pia had saved their lives. Ranvir tries to get close to Rano, but she stops him. Meera assures Jai that the children will never support him but he retorts that blood is thicker than water. Finally Pia tells him the truth. When Meera reaches there, she offers to buy a dress for Ganga.

Maasi apologises to Jai’s mother who was her sister, for not keeping her promise to teach good values to Jai. Maasi rebukes Jai saying that he has to leave the house forever and that he is dead for them. Jigyasa steals Jai and Veer’s photograph from the album. Jigyasa tries to add fuel to the fire. They give Pia and Jai’s wedding card to Bani. Ganga tries to spoil the party but the guy who met her stops her. Jai takes Pia to a cliff and tells her that they can unite by dying together.

Pia comes back to Mumbai and Rano slaps her for ruining Bani’s life. Jai hands Jigyasa over to the police. But Bani stops her and asks her to leave.

Ganga enters the board room kasxmh hands over flles to each Board member. Bani convinces everyone to welcome Veer. Pallavi’s engagement ceremony is on.


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Anu informs them that her baby is missing. She tells him everything about Bani and her problems. Rano tries to ask Raashi what was the matter but she avoids her. But Pia talks to him rudely. Jai tells Jigyasa that Bani is his strength.

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When questioned by Maasi, Bani is rude to her. Ganga tells Vicky that she blindly loves Meera more than her own mother.

Sahil takes advantage of the situation and tells Jai to make him the managing director of the company. Jigyasa chides Ranvir for committing the fraud.

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So Jai replies that he kaasamh willing to pay any amount of money to get Rahul married to Ganga. Jigyasa steals Jai and Veer’s photograph from the album. Hearing this, Bani remembers the time when she had given the locket to Rano. Ranvir’s family is shocked to see Ranvir in a wheelchair.

Pronita has a hazy dream about a. Then Jai burns Sheetal’s confession and declares Pushkar is finished! Jai embraces Bani and Meera witnesses this.


Rishi’s parents’ give Rishi and Ganga a honeymoon package. Bani is completely shattered. Pia tells Jai that he was never Bani’s love.

Ganga gives in without uttering a word. She dances in the party. Jia gets furious and asks Pia to get out of his room. Shonali admits at the party that she was giving blank ca. Meera tells Ranveer about Pronita’s plan for Krishna. Bani is in a rush to go to office and tells Ganga about the problem.

This segment of Zee News brings to you latest from Kashmir, where after the Pulwama terror attack Movement of Paramilitary Convoy has started. Meanwhile, Veer calls the number that he had found on Vicky’s phone. Rano apologizes to Bani when she realizes the reason why Bani refused to help. Karuna feels that their plan is failing. Ranvir tries to get close to Rano, but she stops him.