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He asks her not to do this emotional drama, he is habitual to see her Chandi avatar. Subbu gets the pen and is about to sign. Subscribe to Colors TV: Everyone look on shocked. Raman says how dare you touch her. He asks her to call him Abhishek, not Sir. Follow the sisters as they begin a new journey and head to Mumbai.

Simmi gets in shock and Mrs. Raman frees Ishita and beats Subbu. Raman calls Shaila and says its ringing, but she is not taking the call and worries. She says we will think and do. She says Subbu is consulting a psychiatrist, Subbu has attacked me, we can use this and get to know about his problem from his doctor. Zee World 3 years ago.

The Promise Zee World 4 years ago. A video of kasamh se family of Jai Walia plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give comments if u hve watch this drama. Ishita says Subbu has lied to us, I tried to find, Bala did not wish to talk, then she spoke to Shaila Bua in London, and her doubts got confirmed, she asked me to stop this marriage immediately.

Ever since I heard this theme song, I loved it! Kasam se sad song whatsapp status in hindi Bhojpuri Status 8 months ago. Will Ranbir find a way out of Malishka’s sinister Queen Aditi Bhatia Ator. Ksaam World 3 years ago. Subbu says your wife is calling me fraud, I m not a cheat, he will tell them. Bhalla cries, asking Raman to take them home.


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The story of three sisters forced to leave their home after tragedy strikes. She says its beginning and he was ending it, she will play her cards at right time. She says we will think and do. Everyone is shocked as he holds her neck.

Bala and Romi stop their fight. Ishita is on the way.

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Bhalla asks him to wait, they will clear things after Shaila dpisode. He says he spoke to his London peisode, lets hope they get any info. He throws the glass and asks why did you stop me from saying the truth. Bala says what did Subbu do, I m ashamed, Ishita has warned me. The Promise returns this July! Raman says he has the pen in his car, and asks them to wait for him, he will get it. She says fine Abhishek.

The man asks her to keep the phone. He gets a call from work and says I will come. Sujata asks him to have medicines. Raman says they both have fooled us, I will punish him. Ishita takes Simmi and everyone outside. Raman calls Shaila and says its ringing, but she is not taking the call and worries.

Subbu gets the pen and is about to sign. Raman asks what happened. Deweni Inima Programa de TV. She says immigration office stopped me and saying I have some passport issues. Natasha confronts Tanuja and demands that she be allowed to meet him.


Mihika meets Abhishek and tells him everything. Kasamh Se Singers: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Hope you enjoy it! Maroc 5 years ago. Kasamh se jai kali Fir lover 9 months ago.

He says yes and thinks. Pictures from Kasamh Se. Subbu looks at Sujata and rushes out. Saas Bahu aur Saazish 2 years ago. Ranbir gets the shock of his life when Malishka accuses him of sexual assault and lodges an FIR against him.

Kasamh se Title song ‘slow version’ Yash Sakhalkar 3 years ago. Sujata says stop it, no need to tell anything. Raman says he came to us and cheated. Ishita meets him and says they have to stop the marriage, Subbu is a bad guy, they have to save Simmi. Follow the sisters as they begin a new journey and head to Mumbai. Upon seeing Ranbir at the fashion show, Kritika accuses him of stalking her and ignores his attempt to get to know her.

Email ou telefone Senha Esqueceu a conta? Netra shocks everyone by confessing to betraying Tanuja. He says I have to rush.