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It’s your right just as much as mine to know what’s written inside. I don’t know, I mean, you did me a big favor and you weren’t obliged to. Vallah, I will not be fine until this Turgut is caught, Feride. May Allah help you with your work and let you experience good things, my handsome son. Which kind of person would want to run away? No, I don’t accept. Mummy,My dad being over there, at that time is the irony of the fate. It is the same way for us.

She even ask to be sent to an other city immediatley. You said my father is coming, but he didn’t come, he didn’t come! You are right, I am also disappointed but at least he did not escape, we know he is here. He’s reading Said’s nerve. Yes, Miss Judge, we looked everywhere And now he went to this room and I didn’t want to bother him, I’m assuming he’s sleeping. Plus, my brother never had any dreams for me for him to get disappointed. I have got not such a desire.

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Or are you also taking me for a deceased person? Should I stay still when my neighbour is suffering like this?

I don’t have to drink your granma’s linden tea Once you gamble, there’s no way to stop it. And for that reason, this article that you’ll publish is very important. We’re not giving away our daughter, we’re fxrsi a daughter. I am going to make sarma for dinner. When you’re mother-in-law sees you here then you’re done.


And your father said he would go with them because of your engagement party. I am telling you the truth. When your man comes I don’t want to see fafsi eyes puffy likes this from crying. How can anger make a man like you that is fair, a people’s person completely bitter. When a person finds the truth, even though he sinned a lot, he will not lose once again.

While I was deeply craving it, I have some work to take care of, Burdan. I don’t have time. Wwhen you see her you cannot leave her, and not seeing her makes you miss her more Even though they didn’t catch him, it’s a big possibility that he was there.

But karwdayi judge, you have not said what will you do with the fake passport?

Episode – 85

I don’t think Turgut is the kind of man that will care about his father. Obviously, it’s something important. We said there’s a lot of work karadayii, and then you disappeared Is there anything to eat in the house? The court has issued an arrest for the real suspect Turgut Akin. It’s for two people. And very spiteful, he records it in his mind and after a while he shows his anger. How could this happen? You are one of the men in the house.

I am coming, I am coming. Even when you’re angry, you don’t lose an ounce of your beauty.


We have fresh green beans! And that man, like me, will go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Is it possible to get angry because two people love each other? As I said, we’re not a newspaper that just publishes articles based on personal requests. Of course, my brother would insist. And Yasin thought this way too I will go and ask while you wait here.

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But firstly let’s tidy up here. But one cannot keep things to himself that are obvious, abi. He is going to give it to the Judicial Commision. You can accept an episodee, but a human is impossible to tolerate, vallah! I don’t know, I mean, you did me a big favor and you weren’t obliged to.

I think the coffee hasn’t got the right amount of sugar this time. I would have left no avenue unexplored and found him! Where is this coffee’s water?

If you had wanted to get married to Ayten, Ayten had been living across from us. Is there any connection between the robbery of the mall and my father?

Don’t let anybody in!