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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Hey guys, I wanna share with you my little personal project. Actually I am an indonesian. Purple is a shy guy who loves a girl. Please check out their pimp posts here! Views Read Edit View history. A Young Boy’s Heart

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Green takes on a few by himself and Black gets caught. Can I use them and make spanish subs? But since those are embedded in the video file itself, they’re not too convenient for checking out words one doesn’t know, etc I expected just another eito ranger skit when they toured this year. Eightrangers, Let’s know the old days! Distraught, they try think of a way to save her but are approached by a pack of wolves who admit to poisoning the Princess. Everyone, how are ya feeling?

After that gap, the Rangers came back to Eight City to resume their roles as Eight Rangers but then are magically transported to another dimension, a fantasy world where the fabeled Snow White lives. Green takes on a few by himself and Black gets caught. By himself, he tries to fight B. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. After a year of no activities, the Rangers come back to Eight City to resume their mmovie as the Eight Rangers, but, something is a little odd when the Black Ranger is now dressed as the Red Ranger.

When Purple Ranger yells at them, they become very nervous. Distraught, the Rangers reflect on their actions until Blue notices kanjan8i pieces around them. Yokoyama himself uses the opportunity to ad-lib a lot in performances. He drew inspiration for the skit from his love of tokusatsu as well as from the manzai duo Downtown’s own Sentai parody from the late s.


EIGHT RANGER MOVIE – BD RIP – RAW – ☆ The Kanjani’s Eden ☆

Japan Tohouku Earthquake 3. An enjoyable movie to watch and not to take seriously. When the fight gets heated, Yellow takes out a knife and in result accidentally stabs Purple when he rushes into the fight to break it up. Respectively their names are by their Ranger Color, and their costume or “Eitings”, all have the same uniformed look.

In rwnger movie adaptation, he’s a gambling addict who’s in immense debt and always from the run from his collectors. According to their theme song, they protect the world by picking up garbage in the park and their special attack is “Mugendai” or “Infinity”.

Kanjani8 – Eito Ranger Movie

During the skits, ” Ranger ” eivht omitted and their colors are said only. Yes No Report this. I used a Chinese softsub I found online for the timing so thanks to whoever did that one first! After many twists and turns, one eventually hits Green Ranger and he dies. Kanjani8 said that the eito rangers would come back during their 8th year anniversary, but I never expected a movie!

Because Black Ranger’s Cracker is unable to work, he gets upset. Where Artists and Writers can come together to add color to the written word.

Additional Cast Members For Upcoming Eight Ranger Film Sequel Starring Kanjani8 Revealed

In another splinter of the fight, Red engages a group of wolves and the rivals eiht a singing competition in which Red comes out victorious. Log in No account? Please include a link to the post in your message. We do have a some rules which can be found on the userinfo page. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here By using this site, you agree to the Mpvie of Use and Privacy Policy.


The Eight Rangers 6. Thank you for this! But since those are embedded in the video file itself, they’re not kajjani8 convenient for checking out words one doesn’t know, etc Views Read Edit View history.

Eightrangers, Premonition of Love: A list of previously advertised communities can be found here. The Eightrangers are the allies of justice who stand and fight for those in “Eight City”, the fictional world that the skits take place. Interviewed by Members of the Press. He becomes the new leader of the Rangers. Full Cast and Crew. You are commenting using your WordPress. Please tag your entries. Red is a recovering alcoholic. The Eightrangers Break up?! He’s also in immense debt due to constantly being sucked into ATM frauds.