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He ends the broadcast with his promise to treasure his friends and the intent to put his dream to rest. She and Gentaro shake each other’s hands in Gentaro’s unique way. Utsugi says she has no interest in befriending him. But at the last second, Cycnus arrives and battles the Cancer Zodiarts before he falls back. Sonoda watch from afar, with the former explaining that the goal for them, along with the Virgo Zodiarts and the Leo Zodiarts, is to select eight ideal students to evolve beyond the Last One Stage so they can complete the Horoscopes’ membership. The next day, Ran tries to talk Haru into giving her the Zodiarts Switch before learning that a teacher has given it to him. During the fight, with Kamen Rider Meteor forced to run away to keep the others from discovering his true identity, Kamen Rider Fourze notices the Pegasus Zodiarts’s fighting style is like Ms.

The next day, with Ryusei, Miu, and Shun at the hospital, Gentaro reveals that he has been fishing but promises to stop the concert tomorrow. Thanking him, Erin is spirited off by the Virgo Zodiarts so she can give the Aquarius Switch to Gamou before her memory is erased. The next day in class, JK and Miu barge in to reveal that Masami was kicked off of the cheer squad because she fooled around with boys, and that the target of her revenge is her football playing ex-boyfriend. Tomoko recites the group’s incantation, causing her to levitate off of the ground, before she joins the girls to help in Masami’s revenge. The next day, the Horoscopes begin the ritual to complete Dark Yuki’s transition. Upon leaving the Rabbit Hatch with the club members, Tomoko reveals that Ritsuko’s plan is to burn down the school by using the Aradia staff she wields as the Altar Zodiarts. Ohsugi use his connections to enable the Kamen Rider Club infiltrate Subaruboshi High via a test transfer. However, the Taurus Zodiarts reveals that the contracts he had Gentaro and JK sign makes him able to manipulate the signers’ movement.

Yamada is rendered unconscious as the Virgo Zodiarts delivers the Aries Switch to Gamou who is troubled by Tachibana’s intervention. Gentaro asks him if his intent is truly justified, rather than merely fueled on his feelings for Sayaka.

Though Kengo wanted to go through Astroswitch testing, Gentaro vows to make Cycnus his friend while Ryusei goes along to learn more about Cycnus. Kengo is displeased at Kamen Rider Fourze because Magphone wasn’t finished yet.

Gentaro says that he still wants to befriend JK, even though he was taken advantage of by the younger student. But at the last second, Cycnus arrives and battles the Cancer Zodiarts before he falls back. In hopes of warding off the curious Mr. Ohsugi as he demands to know what the Rabbit Hatch is. Before he can fight, another Zodiarts appears, allowing the Chamaelon Zodiarts to escape. Miu takes charge while Shun gets back in the Powerdizer to hold the Cancer Zodiarts at bay.

After Miu is taken to the nurse’s office, Reiko finds them to break up with Shun. She turns him down until he makes a bet with her; if she loses the Queen Festival this year, she will have to be his friend.

Elsewhere, after reporting to Tachibana about Kijima calling him out while asking if the new form of Kamen Rider Meteor is ready, Ryusei finds that the Cancer Zodiarts is stealing students’ life-force and placing them in comas as part of his sick game to pick a potential Switcher from someone who can make him laugh.


Though Kengo comments that they now have an unused Zodiarts Switch to experiment on, he gets upset upon learning that Tomoko has just thrown it into the river to signify her new life. On Tachibana’s instructions, Kengo goes to the Rabbit Hatch’s outer rim to find a message from his father Rokuro Utahoshi that the power of friendship is the ability to do the impossible. Learning that Gentaro took the Magnet Switches behind his back, Kengo declares them to be friends no more and leaves to blow off steam.

Do you want to see his real face?? By then, Gentaro and company arrive with Haru’s charm and he gives it to Ran. While the others agree, Gentaro refuses as he points out that Ryusei is hiding something from him and he can not accept him just yet. But when the school bell rings, the Lynx Zodiarts retreats as the others decide to go to classmeet up at the Rabbit Hatch after school.

No sooner does she leave, Gamou decides to give her a Zodiarts Switch after Hayami uses his Eye of Laplace on her, again, to confirm that she has the potential. This inspires Tomoko to find a moon rock to give to Emoto, only to discover that the supposedly kind scientist is actually the Virgo Zodiarts as she witnesses him reverting to his human form before running off. Sonoda watch from afar, with the former explaining that the goal for them, along with the Virgo Zodiarts and the Leo Zodiarts, is to select eight ideal students to evolve beyond the Last One Stage so they can complete the Horoscopes’ membership.

His mind transferred into the body of the Orion Zodiarts as he begins his attack. The group then realizes that the Zodiarts’ intent is to disrupt the prom.

The next day, after a few misadventures of searching the campus for the Switcher, including fighting a group of delinquent students, Gentaro goes into the Rabbit Hatch to find something for a lead and accidentally opens a blast shield, moved by the sight of the Earth. By then, the Dragon Zodiarts heenshin on the attack, again, to seek out Kamen Rider Meteor’s human identity before the Kamen Rider arrives to hold off the Zodiarts as Kengo and Rumi run off for tever latter’s qualifying race.

Upon finding out that Miu is helping Gentaro test Astroswitches, Shun is upset that she is feveg her time with the losers. Realizing that he was a fool for not realizing that he was only satisfying himself, the Perseus Zodiarts accepts Gentaro’s friendship while agreeing to become human, while losing the glow that would have allowed him to change into one of the Horoscopes.

This would attract the attention of his father who tells Shun that he must focus more on himself and his achievements. Following them, Eguchi reveals that he knew Cycnus was attacking people yet wants to believe that he is not such a bad guy while revealing Misa is not the Zodiarts. Kengo heads to episoee Rabbit Hatch to look over Burgermeal’s footage when he sees Gentaro practicing using the Hopping Module outside.

Refusing to explain herself to Gentaro and fver his help, she walks off to finds Haru who tells her that he wants to protect her before throwing his friendship charm into the sewer.

Kamen Rider Meteor accepts fuorze challenges the Taurus Zodiarts to his own talent: Later in the Rabbit Hatch, Yuki is upset that Miu has won for a third year in a row and that she never got to give her speech, fojrze Gentaro comes in with Miu. Though Makise agrees to track it using the Pyxis Zodiarts’s powers of tracking, he tells Yuki to let him do whatever he wants. On Tomoko’s advice, in conjugation with his faith in her, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Fire Switch to absorb the Altar Zodiarts’s flames to increase his power before he incinerates her with the Rider Exploding Shoot.


Ohsugi over both onto the ground, the volume on the Magphone is accidentally turned onto its highest setting just as Yuki unintentionally reveals the Rabbit Hatch’s existence to Mr. In response, the Taurus Zodiarts converts all surrounding students into a mindless army to track them down. Gentaro prepares to thank Kengo, but he is surprised when Miu is revealed to be its pilot, before she collapses from the strain of the fight. Seeing no other choice, Gentaro and Erin assume their fighting forms to settle things in a one-on-one duel.

Thanking his followers for their help in ridding him of Eguchi, the Cygnus Zodiarts uses Misa as a human shield to protect himself from a furious Fourze to everyones’ shock. As Yuki freaks about the mask appearing on her face, the Gemini Zodiarts gets strong enough to use her Supernova powers to create an explosive clone that attempts to take out Kamen Rider Fourze with Kamen Rider Hneshin taking the brunt of the explosion.

Satake enters the classroom with the final exam, JK shows up to reveal he has found the Hound Zodiarts’s true identity: Soon after, Yamada completes his arrangement and revives Jiro. Ohsugi for being behind the fire before Ms. Kengo then reveals to the others how he and Yuki found the Rabbit Hatch, as he received kamrn Astroswitch the previous year and absently threw it into the locker, creating the original connection.

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Ninninger 47th/Final Episode Clip: Final Transformation & Roll Call – Orends: Range (Temp)

Principal Hayami finds himself being prepared to be sent into rlder Dark Nebula for losing. Later, after Yuki accepts both her apology and friendship, Erin tells Gentaro that she can never be friends with him as they are on opposing sides and she cares for the Horoscopes’ leader too much to betray him. Tomoko is taking the class because she wiped the school’s digital archives in order to remove a single photo of herself that she found unflattering. However, both Gentaro and Yuki are shocked to discover that Yukina already knows Gentaro is Kamen Rider Fourze, as she tries to episide him in hanging up the belt.

When Dustards arrive, the two Kamen Riders’ fights are brought together.

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Deciding them help him, the students take Gentaro to Yamada’s televised review where he is going to place Kengo, Yuki, and Ms. Gentaro then gets a call that Yuki is at her house. By the time he returns, Ryusei hwnshin that the Cancer Zodiarts has passed the time with his “Open Mic from Hell” with only Tomoko left conscious.

Ohsugi, Yuki tries to convince him that the locker belonged to Ms.