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Riders One and Two Return!! While Yuki tries to convince Rumi that Gentaro needs him, Kengo’s harsh words cause Ryusei to remember his past as he tells Kengo not to say anything he might regret. He joins the fray, taking the two Zodiarts off of Kamen Rider Fourze, as they do Gentaro’s special handshake. See more of All Rider Henshin on Facebook. Gentaro is impressed at how JK can gather so many friends and decides that he was wrong and decides to befriend him, just as JK introduces him to Takahiro and Nitta appears in the hallway. S10 E06 Blue Dragon.

He manages to arrive in time in the Powerdizer, identifying the Zodiarts as being the Hound Zodiarts, representing Canes Venatici , and grapples with the monster before it escapes. S08 E18 Sword Saint Birugenia!! While on the air that night, JK gets a message with a phone number on it. S16 E05 Order to Capture!! The others find Yanami as the Taurus Zodiarts takes his soul for considering to leave the council and turns the student into a drone. However, Miu arrives and reveals that she only hated the gifts because the students should not work to impress her but work to make themselves better, and the person who makes herself the best is the one fit to be Queen. S02 E50 A Little Friendship.

Episodes 30 Kamen Rider Super S24 E19 Given a Secret Weapon. S17 E45 Day of Nothingness Revived. Tomoko recites the fevee incantation, causing her to levitate off of the ground, before she joins the girls to help in Masami’s revenge. Episodes 26 Kamen Rider Amazons – Episode S06 E08 Centipeden Man’s Trap! I very much like this scene. S27 E08 Men, Fly High!

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Hashiba might admire Nobunaga, but he seems to be channeling MacBeth more. ServantNov 18, In the second test, with Tomoko and Kengo transferred to another team, the groups are to each assemble a robot within three hours. But the rest of the presentation was good, I liked how Onari’s character was further solidified as loyal and reliable, and Akari finally started contributing and doing stuff, and Takeru’s poor fighting skills in Ore and Edison form helped give him some good fallibility.

After informing Miu and Shun of what has occurred, with Gentaro going off to do his own thing, Ryusei leads the college students to JK’s studio to abduct him.


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As they try to figure out what revenge Ritsuko and Tomoko are after, Gentaro decides he should find out more heenshin Tomoko. Outside, the student whom JK identifies as Nitta confronts him and transforms into the Zodiarts to get his revenge on JK.

S02 E43 Friend or Foe? Hayami finds them and tries to fight the Leo Zodiarts, but is at a great disadvantage without his Libra Switch. Gider answers from Principal Hayami, who soon reveals that he gave Haru his Zodiarts Switch, Hayami reveals to Ran and the others that he used his Eye of Laplace to confirm her status as the final member of the Horoscopes.

Ohsugi’s head off for trying to latch onto her, Ms. The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals. The next day, Gentaro and company meet the rakugo club’s president Natsuji Kijima who helped in the Kamen Rider Club’s confirmation of the Pegasus Zodiarts’s Switcher before realizing he is late for class due to his watch not working, while displaying a wound to his side. Nago Ixa Explosively Returns. The Powerful Delzer Army!

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The Terror of Demia! S27 E29 We’re Me!? S19 E05 Qualifications of the Biting King. Riderman, be Careful of Nezura Man.

Kengo fpurze Gentaro transform into Kamen Rider Fourze to stop Yuri, using the Shield and Gatling Switches to take her on before Kengo has him use the Camera Switch to film her attacks before she epiosde.


Fighting without sound isn’t that tough when your enemies ridiculously camp — oh, wait, music blasts. S29 E22 Scariest Zi-O! Only in Kamen Rider. Yuki uses the Foodroids so they can give Mr. Kamen rider gaim, kamen raida gaimu is a japanese television series, a tokusatsu drama that is in the kamen rider series. This would attract the attention of his father who tells Shun that he must focus fdver on himself and his achievements.

S11 E03 My Henshin. The True Meaning of Fear? I Just For Fun.

Episodes 78 Kamen Rider 1. However, Miu arrives and reveals that she only hated the gifts because the students should not work to impress her but work to make fourae better, and the person who makes herself the best is the one fit to be Queen. S05 E19 Ghost Story: Well, Mari, aren’t you biased in favor of Little John. S14 E11 The Whereabouts of Each.

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S09 E26 Bossgan’s Counterattack. Henshib, Yuki leaves to try to persuade Makise to find the locker. S17 E01 I Have Arrived! S12 E34 Friendship’s Battle.

Upon receiving the completed Magphone as he decides to fix things with him, Gentaro receives a call from Miu about Kengo being attacked. Takeru tenkuji kamen rider wiki fandom powered by wikia.

S17 E15 Bath Jack Panic. After Tomoko’s group presents a robot modeled after Shun, Yuki and the rest of Team B present a robot cat with Erin livid. Sonoda is found by the Libra Zodiarts as he casts an illusion over her to conceal her identity from Kamen Rider Fourze and take her to Gamou.

As Kengo and JK research Akmen study with Hayami in hopes of finding something that can stop Gamou, with Kengo finding a flash drive with his name on it, the others use Miu’s home as a safe house to keep Ran before realizing that the Leo Zodiarts has followed them.