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Hero Surya Narayana Shivaji is on his journey to Bheemunipatnam in a heavy rain and stops at a village. Upload photo files with. Retrieved 6 March The story of the is simple and understandable. Narasimha Nandi then said that most of the film was shot in rain due to the story’s demand. The entire cast and crew made their way to the event which was a fun filled affair. Kamalatho-Naa-Prayanam-review The story of the is simple and understandable.

Sivaji , Archana Veda Sastry. Hindustani music played at times in the movie will surely entertain and relax the audience. I feel this review is: The director has chosen the rain theme which was shown with scenic beauty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film was launched on 1 June in Hyderabad. Music is biggest drawback for this film.

The film was formally launched at Hyderabad on 1 June at Hyderabad. Kamala starts behaving in a way thinking that, he is one among the many movke has come for her.

Technically, this film is brilliant. The last half-an-hour is good but the climax is predictable and the snail pace test the audience patience.

Will they get married? The camerawork is absolutely brilliant, and showcase pryaanam rural culture and greenery in a very ethnic way. This is an hardcore art house film which is made for its target audience and film festivals. However she thinks that Suryanarayana is also one among the men who lusts for body.

Kamalatho Naa Prayanam

But by the second half they could come in to the tracks of the characters in the movie. It is a story belongs to a time period when 2041 houses were located out skirts of the village. She did show some skin to resemble with the character and displayed right kind of emotions. Murali Mohan Reddy handled the Cinematography of the film. Praayanam — Poorly-written comedy flick Review: Movif early Januaryit was reported that the film’s audio would be launched on 25 January Heroine Archana attire was good on her but she could live prrayanam the role.


Hindustani music played at times in the movie will surely entertain and relax the audience. The first half of the movie is okay and the second half has the entire soul of the film.

The next morning, Suri promises Kamala that he would get her out of her depressed life, and even marry her once he finishes his pending work. Most Viewed Articles Review: Except for body, nobody cares for Kamala which makes her to go in depression.

Editing is quite good, and art direction requires a special mention. Upload Photos Upload photo files with.

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Later when they start talking to each other Kamala and Suryanarayana fall in love. Mar 15, The house belongs to Kamala. Nagi Reddy provided the Editing for the film. Write a Review on Kamalatho Naa Prayanam. As a common audience, a one time watcher for a different experience. Human values and emotions which are missing in present movies are ample in this film.

Isanaka Sunil Reddy Music Director: It was like she is playing in a drama. Chemistry between Sivaji and Archana is also good. Kamala unwillingly lives like a prostitute and she has strong wish to be like married woman with family.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. She often keeps to herself and dreams that her empty life, would be fulfilled by an honest man who will only love her soul but not her body. Enjoy the Tasty food. Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB.


Comment on this review. But it seemed like director lured audience with pornographic shades to make mofie run commercially. Kamalatho Naa Prayanam-Incomplete Journey. They both will fall in love. It is about a woman who is striving kaalatho get out of her job as a sex worker and the betrayal she faced from the person she loved after believing rumors about her private life.

Another scene with kids was also not entertaining. Songs are a biggest drawback to the film.

Kamalatho Naa Prayanam Theatrical Trailer – Sivaji, Archana

Keeping aside the story and artists music by KK and photography by Murali Mohan Reddy were apt for the story. Not all but few songs are good. Kamalatho-Naa-Prayanam-review Archana for the first time played a call girl role and she did an impressive job. An OTP has been sent to your email address.

As expected, pace of the film is dead slow. Sizzling Nikesha Patel Latest Photos: We must have used water from many lakes”. Is Suryanarayana the one Kamala was waiting for and will both get married and settled down happily form the entire plot.

He spoke “I change the way I look — from the clothes I wear to my dressing to my moustache, hair styling. Narasimha Nandi then said that most of the film was shot in rain due to the story’s demand.