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Pause as though she were waiting for A to finish talking. The reader can easily understand that the protagonist has a strong inclination to perceive reality in a very imaginary way, and that he invents stories and conversations that may seem realistic at the beginning, but tend to end in very spectacular or adventurous ways. In such a non stereotypical family, Abbas did not have to meet the social patriarchal expectation which considers the father the one responsible for financially maintaining the family. Accessed May 30, He even confesses that he had to exaggerate in one of the episodes he wrote about, in order to give it a deeper meaning. However, the audience has already understood that the interpreter is not reliable and the effect is impressive — the audience is certain that they have been misled but they do not really know what the true story is.

Accessed May 30, Slowly Abbas changes from a present father, meaning that he is present for his son and provides affection for his family, to a patriarchal absentee father, meaning a father who is merely in charge of economically supporting the family without being responsible for the education of his offspring. However Amor also reports the dialogues with his friends, giving utterance to other points of view through the narration. But not really alone. Moreover, it depicts a father and son relationship which is built upon mutual affection and mutual incomprehension, but this theme has often been ignored by critics who have rather devoted attention to the social issues of the novel. Exberliner, February 1,

This perception of exclusion finds evidence in the text when Amor names himself Unutrium Khemiri, Jag ringer, When Abbas realizes that his son has started to think independently and in opposition to his own beliefs, he tries to reestablish his leadership through aggressiveness and pronounced masculinity. His longing is overemphasized by his identity crisis and by a society that opposes him. Between friends comprehension is immediate and affinity strong, therefore friendship can fulfil the important needs a broken family cannot satisfy.

Subsequently, it became a literary matter too. Ordfrotnt, Skip to main content. Natur och Kultur, The three characters are realistically represented, not because they are inspired by real persons who the author may know as some critics would maybe argue, but because they are depicted with their passions, limits, and virtues.

But it’s hard to argue your innocence in the back seat of a police van. C When the videotape was finished.

Initially many researchers thought that these younger immigrants, ,allas their parents, were not able to express themselves in other ways.

Our names define us, especially if they do not conform to the society in which we live. Immediately after, one of them suggests going to drink a glass of wine.


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Dagens Nyheter, October 22, Indeed kalllas often create new figurative word combinations that could be either approximate versions of the standard ones or simply contaminated versions.

Every grammatical, syntactic and lexical rule is disregarded. However, critics should understand when these elements are fundamental and should at least explain their importance. In addition, his friends have apparently abandoned him to wandering in a malevolent city and falling prey to his fervent imagination.

The text switches continuously between the two sorts of Swedish that characterize Montecore, creating a very beautiful linguistic play that really appeals to the readers. It does not matter if Halim himself may seem sporadically deceived by his own performance.

And they looked in at us with a look that whispered, “There. It is obviously tempting to read a writer who claims to say the truth, but I love the uncertainty. None of the characters, not even the well educated Lara, found the way to stop the diffusion of the name which spreads rapidly and without any opposition. In the second part we shall discuss the father and son relationship that Montecore explores and the problematic autobiographical aspects of the novel.

Darma can therefore be surmised that the familiar institution was not questioned, but the ideal type of nuclear family was debated.

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The contraposition between Abbas and Jonas, which can be seen simply as antjkt conflict between two different ideas of assimilation, may also be taken to represent the dissolution of patriarchal structures in Western society and the alternatives that society has genuinely started to create.

Nonetheless, many literary critics still defined the language used by the two authors as a realistic representation of multi-ethnic language.

If readers only kallad the book as a more or less realistic report on integration in modern Sweden, they would concentrate on the exotic and ethnical features and miss every other argument in the story. Daily Mail, December 13, The young brother realizes that he had already seen the man in very terrible circumstances.

The New York Times, December 13, The aim of this chapter is, first of all, to give some more information about the multi- ethnic youth language spoken in areas where the concentration of immigrants is higher. Although my thesis has till now focused on the family issue and on the problematic human relationships in the novels — paying attention on the reception of the critics at the same time — this chapter will deal with a slightly different topic.


Since I aim to undermine a consolidated view of Swedish critics, my thesis might appear quite destructive rather than constructive. And any day I would defend him, lie for him, take a bullet for him. We have a social security system that barely covers nine million inhabitants.

When Halim calls it Per Gynt, a first falsification is made. Svenska Dagbladet, Feburary 17, Intellecta Inflog, The text consists of one extensive paragraph, with no capitalization, and endeavors to represent the thoughts of a protagonist. However, since the only language that they know, aside from Arabic, is French, what really distinguishes their language is the massive use of Gallicisms that sometimes has hilarious results.

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The feeling left to the reader at the end of the book reminds us that language can be manipulative, it creates confusion, it gives deformed versions of the truth. He succeeds in deceiving his huvudpwrson who is described as angry and worried on finding the diary — Otam fears that his son has become one of those blattar who speak blattesvenska, which he loathes.

Because a hundred people were walking by. It took me three months to read it thoroughly, mallas every single page and the effort was well re-paid. When he has time, he writes letters. In his memories, Jonas often remembers himself as a small leader who fights against discrimination and swedification — which means accepting the racism of Swedish society towards the young Jonas — and even though he is often disowned by Kadir, he still presents himself as a socially committed adolescent.

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The narration is carried out by the protagonist, making the narration homodiegetic. Toronto University Press, He is considered one of the major artists in blues.

In the next chapters I will focus on these matters, and explain why they have wide implications and cannot be considered as huvudperwon representative of a single ethnic minority.

And I met all the eyes walking by huvudperspn tried to show them that I wasn’t guilty, that I had just been standing in a place and looking a particular way. Once a reader can solve these initial problems, they will find themselves absorbed in an original literature that is full of ideas and truth. TijdSchrift voor Skandinavistiek 31