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Hey, where are you going with the cot? What can I do? I’m saying about that. Bro, she is not only your wife, but to all. When I was back from my Karate class I got huge money. The lass who came there resembled actress,Devyani.

Where is that drunkard? He drove the ambulance fine. You tell her,at least. Did my car met with accident? What he says with that? What do you say, at this place? Sir,I went out of station. Rahman Mani Ratnam Vairamuthu.

So many problems to you? She calls me to hospital. Fine,he did good job.

He talks less, but wise. Have you admitted Rajeswari Madam? Sarkunam, Produced By Sherali Films. Kudos to lord Muruga!

Kalavani Mappillai () Movie Script | SS

Even for this film! Dude,he’ll keep on talking. I hand over this to you. I’m not interested in this marriage. Everyone here accents to this marriage. What do oalavani say?


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Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Dude, not that,you must squeeze well after rolling. Will you wear the coolers? A box like house. We’ll go by share auto. Where is the complainant of the car?

He only suggested the name for Oscar winner, A. Instead of keeping the lemon, you are making me to roam around. What to do comey that? Dial Listen to Kalavani 2 Songs on: A friend is the one who blindly believes the tales at any time.

Kalavani is a Tamil Movie. My business may lose a crore because of a lemon. In-law,are we going to temple in new car? Couldn’t see you throughout the night.

I’ll sit on floor also. You’ve to sit like this and First, you must squeeze well. Sir, please tell her. This isn’t a hospital? She stares as if, he never saw her. Should you get marry or not?


My kalafani great grandfather has sown sesame. Rahman Mani Ratnam Vairamuthu Published: Not late,get in soon. I thought of telling you. I have booked a car for you.

Kalavani Mappillai (2018) Movie Script

She took good training in acting. But,when you speak, you can’t get the dialogues. A Habeas Corpus application has been tlne by girl’s parents.