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But I didn’t punch you properly. The rule of the game is Whose baby is this? You aren’t my girlfriend, okay. Dhruv, whom would you like to choose? We will guess it just like that.

Ik hw much i had laughed d 1st day i commented here!! Don’t be so boring. Trust me, me too. Shame on you, Dhruv. Thoda thoda apne frnd se pucha aur baki ki ka jo kiya vo likh diya…. So it is said that it is hereditary.

Drums has always been my passion. He was getting late so I came by taxi. You are also going? But boys didn’t win And I will choose Manik. Ik hw much i had laughed d yeeh day i commented here!!

I am not good at it. When I will get some, I will pay some as rent. Yeh bhi tumhi se seekhna padega……!! Only 2 of us are here and you all are four. But not in my heart! This is not cheating, please!

So why don’t you guys decide another game? I messaged him to come here. Shah Rukh Khan actor. We get all dressed up for them and they come in Bermudas! You aren’t my girlfriend, okay. But I was never really gone. I hope tumhaara xam achcha gaya ho!!

The moment we entered the college Awesome, I select Nandini. Navya, I know that you are missing Cabir. But it’s your choice, eventually.

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Trust me, me too. Sign in Recover your password. They begin it and then Naviya comes first and is able to perform very well and after her Dhruv comes and on his turn they all get what it is and so on until Aryaman comes and they Nandhani hugs him seeing this Manik gets angry then he devises a game in which they have to pass a Vegetable to the other then they start with Aaliya and Dhruv and when it reaches to Nandhani and Aryaman Manik gets angry and seeing him Nandhani gets afraid.


First straighten it up. I just want this pg to look like d old pages…atleast thoda sa! When did that happen? How many are these? I am sure, you can handle it. Then they all play a game which is devised by Nandhani with a twist in which they have to act with a twist in which they cannot say the clue words and have only one minute.

Its gonna be freaking awsum!! It seems like you don’t have the place to crash. No, I am not good with it. Aadhu humari saruu nai aati yahan pe…this one other sara.

And yes, don’t ask the password of wi-fi. You will have to do it. Dekha manik aryamann ne tere hi ball se tujhe cleanbold kar diya…!!! Break the 4 words. Im so so so happyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan S02

Okay idk whether u trust me on this or not…im supah happy by the latest news u gave!!!!!!! So guys, before we start.


I swear, Manik was distracting me. Plumpyyy 2nd Nov – 5: It sounds funny and it looks funny, but trust me. Maybe he doesn’t like you. It’s a 2 way process. I mean, the password of wi-fi is, don’t ask. Maddy is waiting when Aryaman passes and after seeing him he stops and starts to epieode him but Maddy gets angry and says that he does not understand what Aryaman is saying then Aryaman explains that it seems that Maddy is homeless now and so he is offering him a ayariaan to stay.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 29th October Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

If you had come earlier then Manik would have got what he wanted. You look homeless to me, man! So the washroom is there. Dhruv, whom would you like to choose?