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Hearing this imarti is shocked and asks ambi to leave. Though she has taken the cloths she keeps looking at anuj and lost herself. Imarti is shocked but all the others are happy and wishing eachother. Anuj asks her how she did all these for which ambi says that she will update about that later and asks him to come home. When ambi tries to tear the ticket as its of no use to anyone sajini says that she doesnt like to waste money she will make vedji understand and leave to circus. Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest. She gets up on top of the headboard on the bed and tries to fix the light but the threads on her hand get stuck.

At that moment Anuj extends a napkin towards Ambi and she takes it to wipe her tears. Sajini replies that in todays movie they will show some new techniques that she even doesnt know and because of this ambi doesnt want imarti to see it. She has to be careful from now Part 3 Ambi comes to her room and goes to the bed when anuj who is on the other side of the bed says that he is sorry for whatever he has scolded and he had come to know that whatever ambi had done is the right thing and if they would have gone in straight way they could never have achieved it. Sajini comes there and shows the ticket to vedji and he scolds her for buying lottery tickets and sajini says that these are not lottery but circus tickets. She says that when he supports any effort the she will get strength of elepants. They have a brief eye lock. She asks God why this punishment for her.

Imarti comes and tells Kusum to stop fussing over Sonu.

Ved comes there and tells Imarti that vendors are coming the their godown for delivery. He suddenly understands ambi is with him and ambi is upset hearing his words. Ambi says she will never do like that and if she doent want she will leave. Kusum drags Sajini away before she says anything more.


She asks with disgust how she can act so well.

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There is a song sequence with Ved and Sajini is retro outfit on the song Dil garden garden. Menu Home About Archive Search. Ambi asks kusum jiji to get ready soon and asks anuj to come to terrace. Imarti wakes up scared and annoyed. When they turn Anuj stands there.

Sajini asks him jully she looks for which vedji replies that she is just looking like the girls in circus and the happiness of circus has started from home itself. Ambi says that she did all these for making the house one and kusumjiji and sonu wants him.

They both work and have some love moments together adha mretha song in background. She goes to bed when the light in the room starts flickering. As she leaves she turns to look at Ambi and smiles. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Previous Uttaran 3rd July Written Update.

She gets up on top of the headboard on the bed and tries to fix the light but the threads on her hand get stuck. She gets emotional and says that he can get so many workers but they only have one Prakash and his wife and kid whom he has only seen growing up in pictures needs him.

Imarti has also woken up lots of nights to take care of her sons khtta its their time to repay. Imarti says she has seen thousands of movies like this and she needs no one to teach her as she knows more than anyone. Kusum is scared but ambi gives her strength.

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In the morning Kusum is getting Sonu ready and he is telling her to hurry up. Imarti says that she is going for a movie, why is she talking all ill thinks when she is leaving and vimala chachi says that why she is going to movie in this meerha, imarti replies that its her wish.


Anuj thinks that he should fix the light and gets up on the headboard and sees that Ambi is stuck. Ambi smiles and says that she returned because of Imarti. Anuj and Sajini run to aid her and Ambi also comes there. Anuj and ambi starts lighting them and anuj says that seeing all this it would be good that prakash bhaiya gets back his old love over kusum bhabhi and drop his plans of going to dubai epizode in for ever. Prakash replies that he didnt get it and anuj says that you will get it soon and leaves out to do some office work.

When he starts to say about passport sonu comes there and shows to prakash that he epispde done all his homework and from now he will study well as his father is with him. Sajini scolds him and throws the bag and takes him away.

Sonu says that from now he will call his mother as mummy and not by name. Anuj says that when he heard that prakash is fired he thought that imarti had made it but now he understand ambi did everything including hiding of the passport and he is going to tell to praksh everything.

Ambi says that if someone is pulling their leg they must laugh and not jul like this. Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest.