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The stubborn valour of the commander of Nicopolis was of the utmost value to his sovereign, by giving him time to concentrate and bring up his forces to the scene of action. His early fortunes and exploits are favourite subjects with the oriental writers, especially his love adventures in wooing and winning the fair Malkhatoon. Fortunately for the House of Othman, Karadja, the Beyler-Bey of Anatolia, who had fallen back on the centre with the remnant of his defeated wing, was near the Sultan at this critical moment. The Cara manian prince was defeated and captured, and placed in the custody of his oi? Ertoghrul had speedy and frequent opportunities for augmenting his military renown, and for gratifying his followers with the spoils of successful forays and assaults. Under the tree stood four mountains, which he knew to be Caucasus, Atlas, Taurus, and Hsemus. He immediately formed the siege of the city, knowing that Bajazet would not suffer the shame of letting so important a place fall without an effort to relieve it.

The Turks were arranged in their customary order. But, in , Bajazet, no longer sated in his ambition with such con- cessions, commanded the Greek Emperor to surrender his crown to him, threatening extermination to all the inhabitants of the city in case of refusal. Page Map, showing the former and present Extent of the Ottoman Empire As the battle was in Europe, the European feudatory troops were on the right wing ; and those of Asia on the left. Whatever information ho obtained from his agents was by his orders carefully collected in registers and delineated on maps, which were kept ready for immediate reference. The vacillations and delays, which usually mark the movements of a confederacy, kept the forces of the greater number of the allies inactive during several months of the year ; while their vigorous and resolute adversary was pouring his forces into Bulgaria, and completing the conquest of that important member of their league.

But, though professing drontier utmost scorn for his adversary, Timour knew well how formidable were the Turkish arms, and he carefully drew together for this campaign the asyt-ac, as w’ell as the most numerous army, that his vast dominions could supply. In the val- leys glittered stately cities, with domes and cupolas, with pyramids and obelisks, with minarets and towers.

The Hungarians retreated ; but it was only to advance up the eastern defile, which was less perfectly fortified.

He then ordered the varlet to be brought, and confronted with the woman, who repeated her complaint. Before he dismissed them, he gave them an opportunity of wit- nessing both his barbaric magnificence and his barbaric justice. Acting on this advice, Orchan selected out of the families of the Christians whom he had conquered, a thousand of the finest boys. Though he stoops to much bombast and extravagance, Marlowe breathes nobly the full spirit of the ferocious energy and fiery pride of the great Oriental conqiiert-r.

Bajazet saw that the day was irreparably lost, but he rejected the entreaties of his officers to fly while escape was yet practicable. Two parents refused the horrible office, and were themselves slain for their disobedience. I carefully studied the great work of Von Hammer on the Ottoman empire for the pur- pose of those lectures, and I made abstracts of the larger number of its volumes.

He lived to witness and to share the captivity of his first captors ; and, after thirty-four years of slavery, returned to his home, and wrote there a memoir of his own life, which is the most interesting and the most trustworthy narrative that we possess of the campaign of Nicopolis, and of many of the subsequent scenes of Turkish history. The infamy “with which their names are sullied even in the pages of Oriental writers does not end here: After the organisation of the Janissaries, Alaeddin regulated that of the other corps of the army.


That sound was mingled with the sweet voices of a thousand nightingales, and with the prattling of countless parrots of every hue. The Avthor reserves to himself the right of Translatum.

Palaeologus earnestly disavow’ed all participation in his schemes ; and that he might completely allay the suspicions of Amurath, he promised to join him in acting against their sons, and agreed that rfontier rebels should lose their eyes for their crime. We have a right to do what we will mth our own ; and the treatment which I propose is nbt only lawful, but benevolent.

The other brother, who took up aims against him, was killed without his orders. It is deserving of mention that Mahomet founded in the vicinity of his own mosque and mausoleum two characteristic institu- tions, one a school, and one a refectory for the poor, both of which he endowed with royal munificence. His favourite general, Bajezid Pascha, soon supplied the desired remedy by completely defeating the Caramanians, and taking their Prince, Moustapha Bey, prisoner.!

The triple success which the fiery valour of the young French nobles had thus achieved, was splendid, and might have led to a complete victory, had they listened to the sage advice of the Sire de Courcy and the Admiral, who earnestly implored the Count of Nevers to order a halt, and wait for the Hungarians to come up ; BAJAZET L A. Bajazet and his captives were at Brusa, inwhen the money for their ransom arrived.

Page Map, showing the former and present Extent of the Ottoman Empire The blinded prince received the grant of a domain near Brusa, where he resided ; and Turkish historians praise the good-nature of Sultan Mahomet, who, whenever he visited his Asiatic capital, sent for his sightless brother to the palace, and treated him with benevolence truly fraternal.

Solyman, on hearing that his troops had occupied Gallipoli, refused to give up As-ytac ; and drew large colonies of Turks and Arabs across the straits, which he planted in the territory which had been thus acquired.

The commandant of the Janissaries, Yazidzi-Toghan, indignant at such a breach of etiquette, raised his sword to smite the unceremonious Beyler-Bey, when he was himself frontiwr down by an Hungarian sabre. He was a generous master ; but his cruelty to those who ventured to resist him surpasses all the similar horrors with which military history is so rife.

The practice of refusing mercy to a fallen enemy was by no means confined epksode the Turkish side: S quest of Alaeddin had casually led them. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Where I have adopted his comments and opinions, I have generally referred to him as their author.

Timour directed the siege of Smyrna in person. A lion does not hunt flies.

The Seljukian Sultan Alaeddin reigned in ancient pomp at Koniah, the old Iconium ; but his effective supremacy extended over wpisode narrow compass, compared with the ample sphere throughout which his predecessors had exacted obedience.

Edebali refused him also ; but fear- ing his vengeance more than that of Othman, the old man removed from the neighbourhood of Eskischeer to a dwelling close to that of Ertoghrul.

We find an aggravation, not a mitigation of such crimes, when we read that the wretched beings, the promise of whose youth was thus turned into infamy, were fre- quently, when they grew to manhood, placed by their masters in posts of importance ; and that the Ottoman empire has owed many of her ablest generals and states- men to this foul source.


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Hun- yades was no whit inferior to the fiercest Turkish generals in cruelty. The Ottoman writers attach great importance to this dream of the founder of their empire.

His life was spared; but Bulgaria was now annexed to the Ottoman empire, which thus advanced its northern frontier to the Danube. European suburb of Constantinople, called Galata, and the Bosphorus was one of the scenes on which the most obstinate contests were maintained froniter their fleets and those of their rivals.

Gun Frontier –

It was while King Sigismund in the course of liis retreat from this campaign traversed the county of Huniade, that he saw and became enamoured of the fair Elizabeth Morsiney. They reckon the number of conquerors whom it gave to earth, and of heirs of paradise whom it gave to heaven, on the hypothesis that, during three centuries, the stated number of a thousand Christian children, neither more nor less, was levied, converted, and enlisted.

Amurath did not renew the siege of Constantinople, but accepted a treaty by which the Greek emperor bound himself to pay an annual tribute of 30, ducats to the Sultan, and surrendered the city of Zeitoun Lysimachia and all the other remaining Greek cities on the river Strania Strymoii and the Black Sea, except Selymbria and Berkos.

After the conflict, Bajazet fixed his camp in front of the rescued city of Nicopolis, and then rode over the field of battle. Stephen Lasarevich, the new king of Servia, found that it was hopeless to continue the struggle, and entered into a treaty by which Servia became the vassal state of the Ottomans, Lasarevich gave the Sultan his sister to wife, and agreed to pay as tribute -money a certain portion of the produce of all the silver mines in his dominions.

These troops were called Yaya, or Piade; and they were divided into tens, hundreds, and thousands, under their respective decurions, centurions, and colonels.

The stubborn valour of the commander asy-rac Nicopolis was of the utmost value to his sovereign, by giving him time to concentrate and bring up his forces to the scene of action. The Ottoman army then advanced to a little stream near Apicidion, behind which the insurgent princes had taken post.

All these three perished either in battle or by the executioner, and their sect was extinguished with them. King Lazarus com- manded the centre. The besiegers were panic-stricken at this unexpected spectacle: They thus gradually moulded, in Asia ffinorTanhomogeneous and a stable power ; instead of precipitately heaping together a motley mass of ill-arranged provinces and discordant populations. D, —, 93 his death-bed, that no sophistry or state-craft could blind his natural sense to the heinous frontiier of fratricide.

Sisvan disliked paying money, and preferred to obtain peace by giving up his daughter in marriage to the conqueror. On the kainsr soldiers of Tartar race who served there, that they ought not to fight against Timour, who was the true chief of all Tartar warriors, and that Bajazet was unworthy to command such kainra men.