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Goddess Saraswati episodes, King Mahabali 1 episode, Manini M. Ravan 1 episode, Rubina Dilaik Hara Hara Mahadeva is a television series based on legends featuring the Hindu God Shiva, also knows as Mahadev the great god. Shiva drinks the poison to save the universe from certain destruction, but Parvati comes to his rescue by pressing his neck to stop the poison from spreading. Sita 1 episode, As the ages pass, the darkness of the world increases.

Goddess Lakshmi episodes, Surendra Pal He is chased by the demons and gods until Vishnu cunningly cons the demons and distributes the nectar among the gods. Princess Revati 1 episode, Narada, in his turn, offers the holy garland to Indra who, accepts the garland by placing it on the trunk of his tusker, Airavata; intoxicated by the fumes, Airavata tosses the garland and tramples it. Goddess Parvati episodes, As the ages pass, the darkness of the world increases.

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Goddess Parvati episodes, Ragini Rishi Lord Brahma episodes, Salina Prakash Ganesha episodes, Sadhil Kapoor Queen Mainavati 1 episode, Kartikeya and Ganesha leave for journey to find the most kailasanahan house for Kailash. Devasena 1 episode, Soon after Daksha organises a yajna where all the gods except for Shiva are invited.


Lord Ram 1 episode, Rishi Durvasa offers Shiva a special garland, which Shiva presents to Narada as prasadam. She is drawn towards Shiva against the will of her father. Hara Hara Mahadeva Plot: Meanwhile when Parvati insists, Shiva permits to build a house on Kailash. Edit Devon Ke Dev Executive Producer 1 episode, Sage Markandeya 1 episode, Shilpa Tulaskar Sita 1 episode, The gods are pleased because it is Kartikeya who is destined to slay their arch foe, the demon Tarakasura and his brothers.

Shanta 1 episode, Rajeev Bharadwaj Gradually the memory of her previous birth as Sati awakens in her; and she undertakes the most severe of austerities to please Shiva.

Sage Pitamber 1 episode, Raj Premi Sage Dadhichi 1 episode, Tulsi 1 episode, Princess Aditi 1 episode, Sushil Parashar King Aayu 1 episode, Pankaj Dheer Mohini 1 episode, The churning of the ocean is known as Samudra Manthan and is an elaborate process.

To regain the Amrita the defeated Devas are advised to join hands with the Asuras and churn the ocean. Not long after, to avenge the death of Tripurasura the demon king Epsiode attacks heaven and attempts to steal Amrita the nectar of immortality.


Shiva and Sati get married and start living in Kailash. Young KTR in Devi Sati episodes, Puja Bose The churning reveals many precious treasures, such as the Goddess of Wealth herself Lakshmi, who becomes the consort of Vishnu, the divine nymphs, many celestial animals etc.

On destroying Tripurasura, Shiva is praised by all the sages and gods except for Indra.

Matsyakanya 1 episode, Darshan Gurjar Ganesha episodes, Young Kartikeya 1 episode,