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Priya introdues Biju to Arjun, who feels that she likes Biju more than him, and is initially cold to him. Sukanya plays a plot and learns from Eashwar that Vaishu is still a virgin and the drama was executed by Ashok to cancel his marriage to Vandhana. Pooja slams into Vandhana who, in turn, spoils Ashok’s attire with the mehendi on her hand. Aditya lodges a false complaint against Priya to avenge Vandhana’s insult. He recollects his past with Vandhana and fears that Priya too will betray him. However, at the engagement party, she finds herself in a fix as she inadvertently antagonises Jai.

Vandana comes to know of the groom that he is already married but bashes him in the marriage hall with her ex-wife but not still divorced only to put Arjun’s family into miserable position by stopping the marriage. Arjun teases Priya at first but later praises her dance performance. Sukanya rebukes Manoj for his decision of supporting Anu and asks him to leave the city for a few days. Priya learns from Biju about Pooja being ragged in school. To take revenge Aravind cancels Priya’s medical license. The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel’s international distribution. Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock.

Exchange offer not applicable. Meanwhile, there are some financial problems for Unnikrishnan. Item s Added To cart Qty. Vandana is crazy that Priya and Vaishu spoit her life. Vandana challenges revenge towards them stubbornly. Sukanya comes home and makes a scene. Unable to have children of her own, she has been unable to find a partner willing to marry an infertile woman.

But Ashok understands Vaishu’s plan and mixes sleeping tablet in her juice.

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Arjun gets punishment for Adi by sending him to a boys’ rehab. However, she recovers under Arjun’s care.

Vijay Television Awards [4] [5]. Arjun then decides to retain Adhi first and then to fight for Pooja’s custody later. Kachal is furious about the two being very close. Universal UUniversal U Format: The show completed its th episode on 8 October You have reached the maximum number of selection. After twists of events, Priya gets back to Arjun family with her broken leg in the accident meanwhile.


The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ. As of JanuaryPriya’s contract ended and she quit the show. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Adhi sees Vandana’s lawyer in his school function and picks up a quarrel with his son, blaming his father as a prosecutor who helped Vandana in separating Priya from Pooja.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Programs broadcast by Star Vijay. Later, Biju tells Priya about the police and learns that Aditya filed the complaint. Kalyanqm using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

They take a drunk Arjun home. Due to cast change of main lead, the show had lost many viewers, and the makers decided to end the series by differentiating from Ye Hai Mohabbatein story and it concluded on January 27, Both agree to marry after Biju’s advise. Exchange offer is not applicable with this product.

The groom is then thrown out.

Arjun seeks Bala’s help indirectly to get kadha close to Priya. Ashok and Aravind ploy and direct Eeshwar to persuade Sukanya to counsel Manoj to back away from his decision.

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Vaishali tries to prove the original face of Ashok to Vandhana, She makes a drama and tries to make Ashok confess his feelings for her. Arjun finds out that it was Adi who was responsible for the accident.

Arjun gifts it to Priya and insists that she wear it to the party. Aditya lodges a false complaint against Priya to avenge Vandhana’s insult. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat Arjun plans a picnic for Priya. Priya goes to the extent of begging Vandana and falling at her but Vandana nevertheless stays stubborn over her decision.


Vandhana refuses to oblige to Arjun’s request of giving Aditya’s custody over to him after she weds Ashok. However, Priya learns that Arjun gave the President post to Ashok for getting back her licence.

Eashwar taunts Priya when she meets him to talk about Sukanya. Every one including Sukanya start looking our for the real culprit. Problems sprout again when Manoj comes to know of that he is incapable of becoming father after an accident after a test taken by the doctors. Priya and Arjun put aside their dislike of each other to marry to protect the little girl and ultimately win custody of epsiodes child.

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muxhal Tamil soap opera Romance Drama. Meanwhile, Adhi develops a complex and is heartbroken thinking that he is unwanted by Vandana as kadha, as Arjun’s family and bursts out to Arjun about it. The day of Ashok’s wedding arrives and he desperately tries to avoid his marriage to Vandhana.

There he finds Ashok’s friend misbehaving with Vandhana. Manoj then exposes Vandana and her misdeeds and they all throw her out. Later Priya regains her consciousness. Meanwhile, Ashok panics as Vandhana proclaims that she will marry him only if he legally adopts Aditya. Priya falls unconscious during a puja. Ashok throws Vandhana and Adi out of his house. Arjun begs Priya to forgive him.