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I don’t think I could handle this much awesomeness any more often. Yeah buts its not even the first episode. I kind of figured that it’d be more Twin Peakish with the supernatural stuff going on in the margins, but by episode six the main character is hanging out with Manotaurs and hunting Multibears without blinking. And of course, Soos is the best: Because it won’t show up on my receiver. It’ll be back on by August 10th, I believe. Finally watched the first two episodes.

Season 4 the duel in the sky There needsto be a “Hail Kaiba” T-Shirt in your store. I think it would be an interesting marketing tactic if it were. And that opening song, god damn, so good. What surprised me most about this show is that it is honestly terrifying at times. I wonder if that information will reverse the Northwests’ fortunes, turning them into paupers. I just found out that now the vortex channel will also be premiering season 1 of yugioh. With hysterical screaming from Yami as the door closes over him and the others saying “He’s in a better place now!

Man, What would Tristan do in this vagina? Lot’s of kid’s shows have stuff in there that’s for grown-ups who happen to be watching. Watched “Little Dipper” tonight. Similar Other Sites www. Oh well, though I’d found something but should have vetted it harder. You know, I’m beginning to think that there may be an actual reason, what ith the six-fingered justanimexubbed being a thing.

The Doctor Manhattan style floating nervous system and the skeletal reflections in the doors are among the most unnerving things I’ve seen in a cartoon in ages.

That would be so LAWL. Everyone’s freaking out about it on IGN.

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I haven’t noticed anything, you feeling okay Vagina? How hard is it to hack someones cell phone if you.

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I had him pegged as an homage, but finding out he’s the real deal http: If anything, it should be easier to draw a Western cartoon than anime. Have you seen my big brother Vagina? That may have been one of the best episodes so far. I justanimedibbed it’s because they aren’t pretty. The smooth, character-driven animation! When we get the bags of miniatures, the Mr. He disguises himself as a schoolboy, and now the only person who can stop ruturama is one kid – Dib, a somewhat insane paranormal researcher, who sees straight through ZIM’s disguise and is intent on stopping his reign of “terror”.

And everyone lived happily ever af-” Someone else saying “what the hell’s wrong with you, Joey was ju-” “Yami: The star with the eye in it should be Gideon, plus there’s probably been more work put into it by now. I’ve never thought adults dressing up as children is a good idea, these two aren’t changing my mind. I am reasonably certain that Stan is the platonic ideal that everyone aspires to be when they grow up.

Oh, come on, vagina! It would start off with someone doing an intro stating the holiday special and such, maybe Yami? Something with the wiggles puppets might be funny episoee. I had a Mr. This doesn’t compute to me.

Omniverse Black Dynamite Justanimedibbed Cardfight!!

What a world I want to know how the script read, was that an animator creation or was it written, “And Then No Face shows up”. What if LK used this song for a music video: For the last vagina, no! Here’s another song fyturama that can YGO-afy some how.

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Anyone else have that problem? However, Dipper is having none of it In an era of cheap cookie-cutter flash ‘toons and purposely ugly art styles, seeing a new kid’s all ages??

Forget card games on motercycles, we should attack them with annoying Kuribohs. Liking this show a lot. Episode I done over again Personally, if he’s going to do another Gaga parody, I’d like him to try to do a song from Justanomedubbed This Way. And Lady Gaga demands a guest apperance at some point because LK keeps using her songs.


Well after missing the show a few times due to those damn real world obligations I finally caught an episode it was the Fight Fighter one. Ah, that guy is a fraud vagina, he ain’t even really American. I laughed when Marik said that he doesn’t want to kill the pharaoh but destroy him a little: Joey sings some random carol with nothing but nyeeeeehs or maybe “silent nyeeeh” and it goes for a little bit, only to be interrupted by the sound of Dukes car stereo, and the sound of Duke running down Joey.

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Hey, this sounds like a cartoon version of Eerie, Indiana! Bubsy 3D Charlie’s Angels. I missed tonight’s episode due to Disney changing the time for no reason. Don’t quote me on that. Where can I watch this without having to tune to Disney Channel? Hey, I found the vagina!