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You can now see the second season on YouTube. Would you like to merge this question into it? Damn you, wonderful soundtrack! Which was sort of embarrassing since I found out at school D In my heart I just knew they were going to cast 3 of my all time favorite voice actors, Crispin Freeman, Yuri Lowenthal and Johnny Yong Bosch and I just knew they were going to star as Shizuo, Shinra and Izaya. How is it that in some fleets, the rank of commander is higher than the rank of captain? Shinji is an asshole. If you want english dub I’ve also been unable to find it anywhere I’ve tried at least ten sites including youtube, hulu, veoh, animehere, watchanimeon, animefreak, etc Please post a comment that you can watch the videos or not so i can know and fix it or make it easier.

On top of it, I could perfectly relate to Sawako and Kazehaya reminded me very much of my boyfriend… this series was made to be watched for this reason xD. Is Junjou Romantica dubbed in English? Well, whichever it is… forget about that. I found the information on naruto. So basically it’s a load of gay guys in love and it covers all their relationship woes and struggles and stuff. The almost-complete collection of Gakuen Alice manga in English subs are in mangafox. I just had to watch Durarara!! How is it that in some fleets, the rank of commander is higher than the rank of captain?


I was not disappointed. Though I still refuse to believe Waver is 19 D He looks like a year old kid.

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Misaki is a normal highschool graduate who is t … rying to get into a college In this there was a handsome fellow whom I was told had red hair… and he had an eyepatch! I don’t think so Gray-man Season 2 D. Which websites rmoantica good for watching anime?

Gray-man updated 78 ,mega links D. If you don’t mind, I would like to set you as one of administrators in the new forum.

Is there a Canadian website to watch anime on

What is a good website to watch anime movies? Is there a website that canadians can watch fma brotherhood online? A complete new forum has been setup, please use this URL to go to the forum: Let me be honest with you. It’s a little softer yaoi than Junjo, but theres Gravitation.

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Anyways, the best place to watch high veho, full length episodes that are unfortunately subbed is either at: Please post a comment that you can watch the videos or not so i can know and fix it or make it easier.

Then go to search and type in fullmetal alchemist.

One episide the main characters, Soushi Miketsukami was not only a bishie voiced by one of my favorite seiyuu… he was also heterochromatic! To this day, Durarara!! The more episodes you sub, the easier it becomes plus, it might be good to know japanese, because relying on … the manga is not good since they sometimes add minute things to the show to hold a 24 minute time span.


You can search in Googl … e for available summaries of chapter 98 too. Rider is better, Berserker is better, Caster is better… and the entire cast is more mature. I just engliish to watch Durarara!!

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. The people who made the first se … ason have not announced anything about making another season. But, we certainly can change the future.

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Frankly speaking, Archer and Gilgamesh were the only characters I enlish cared about. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Where can you watch season 2 of kuroshitsuji? Gray-man Season 1 D. Merge this question into. Understandably, the full responsibility lies in myself.

In Pokemon Black and White. Merge this question into. The remaining time would junjo spent preparing for competition or shredding. Is there any websites where I can watch free stuff?